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Affordable Landscaping Services

February 26, 2015

Increase Your Property’s Value with Affordable Landscaping Services

In spite of a chaotic year driven by increased inflation and interest rates, labour unrest, ongoing load shedding and political instability, the South African property market is on the rise with property prices expected to increase by 7.5% within 2015. While this is a positive year for the property market, we’re here to tell you that you can easily add another 7 to 20% on to that through landscaping design!

They say that if you’re looking for a good ROI, then simply step outside your house. Studies have shown that expert landscaping through affordable landscaping services offers the best return on investment of all home improvements. In fact, a few years back Money Magazine completed a study that demonstrated landscaping services had a significant impact on a property’s value. Not only did the study indicate enhanced sales appeal and accelerated sales speed, results also showed that landscaping increased the sales price by up to 20%.

“When people ask how they can get strong interest in their property, we always tell them to fix up their landscaping.” National Association of Realtors

Landscape investments are always doubled and in some cases can even be tripled if done through a professional who can offer a variety of affordable landscaping services. As professional landscaping artists at EarthLinks Landscaping, we’ve been creating, building and maintaining landscapes for over 15 years, so we know exactly what works, and the trick is to make improvements that prospective buyers want. Below we’ve given you some affordable landscaping ideas that are not only guaranteed to add 20% onto your selling price, but will also add style and functionality.


Invest in Trees and Hedges

Did you know that trees are the best investment in a landscape? As soon as they are planted, they begin to rise in value. Trees do so much more than just sing in the wind, they suck up excess water, ward off pollutants, reduce carbon dioxide and save energy. Trees can cool a home in summer and warm a home in winter. While curb appeal can add another 4.4%, hedges around the property for privacy can add another 3.6%!


Build a Driveway and a Walkway

Investing in a smart and sophisticated driveway can transform the front of any property, and not only does it have the command to make the property look attractive and stylish, it also adds to greater curb appeal. While driveways are an excellent ROI, so are elegantly designed walkways. Just like driveways, walkways welcome guests into your home. However, if you get too fancy you won’t see a return on your investment, so stick to installing something affordable like a solid stone walkway, pavers, or lay stepping stones with grass in between.

Your home is your castle and it’s the best financial investment that you’ll ever make. While we often spend time, energy and money on fixing the roof, replacing the windows, remodelling the bathroom and painting the exterior, it is easy to neglect your landscape and forget how powerful its benefits really are.

If you’d like to get your front and back outdoor space ready for the market, then contact us at EarthLinks Landscaping. We provide professional and affordable landscaping services to homes and businesses throughout the entire Johannesburg region.