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Backyard Landscaping

October 25, 2016

Three Low-maintenance Backyard Landscaping Garden Design Ideas


Has your backyard turned into an overgrown jungle? Unsure where to wheel your braai so you can start firing it up? Yes, summer has arrived and if there is one thing that South Africans have in common, it is their love for outdoor braaing and entertainment.

South Africans love to entertain, and in summer, many homeowners throughout South Africa are trying to get their outdoor space clean, green, functional, and ready for a season of fun and sun with family and friends. If you’re someone looking to turn your backyard into a summer oasis, then you’re going to love these three low-maintenance backyard landscaping garden design ideas, guaranteed to make your neighbours jealous. Not only will they massively improve your outdoor living space, but they will cost very little, and they are easy to maintain.

#1 Swop Your Lawn for a Zen Rock Garden with Succulents

A popular trend in backyard landscaping design – especially in drought-ridden areas such as Johannesburg – a Zen rock garden surrounded by beautiful succulents is always a knockout. Cost-effective, sophisticated, natural, sustainable, and low-maintenance; not only can a Zen rock garden with aloes and succulents add variety to any outdoor space, but this backyard landscaping design imparts a modern, minimalist feel, which just so happens to be a practical all-year garden.

#2 Create an Outdoor Seating Area

While plants and trees are certainly necessary elements in backyard landscaping, when it comes to creating and enhancing spaces, outdoor structures are king. But outdoor furniture can be astronomical in price, which brings us to the question of why buy when you can be innovative with concrete blocks and padding? An inexpensive investment for backyard landscaping is to make your own benches with concrete blocks, dry-stacked and covered with a foam pad covered in a beautiful outdoor fabric.

#3 Make Geometric Patterns with Ground Covers

An affordable backyard landscaping idea that creates a modern and timeless visual aesthetic is the use of ground covers. But we’re not talking about just planting them and walking away; we’re talking about creating geometric patterns with them. Considered as the new green concrete, groundcovers can easily transform any backyard space into a beautiful, low-maintenance show area. From African daisy, topsy-turvy, and Corsican mint, to Star Jasmine, not only will these beautiful ground covers give your backyard a mesmerising scent, but they grow fast, and is drought-resistant and aesthetically attractive all year around.

It really doesn’t have to cost the earth to have a beautiful backyard. In fact, there are many inexpensive things you can do that will make a big improvement to your outdoor space.  If you’d like to get your backyard beautiful and functional for the summer months ahead, then you need to partner with Johannesburg’s leading landscapers – EarthLinks Landscaping. Providing expert front and backyard landscaping services to homes and businesses throughout the entire Johannesburg region for over 15 years, we are the right people to develop, restore, beautify and modernise any backyard landscape. To view our portfolio and rates, chat to us today.