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Bespoke Landscaping for Estates

July 22, 2019

The Beauty of Bespoke Landscaping Services for Estates

What is your idea, image, or dream of an estate? Is it a large, sprawling residential property in an urban or semi-rural area, featuring extensive landscaped gardens that surround the house and various outbuildings on the property that may include natural or cultivated grazing for animals, stables, storerooms, and workshops in a bespoke country manor style and lifestyle?

Here is a look at a few different types:

Office Estate

Perhaps you envisage a modern, state-of-the-art office estate with bespoke courtyards and fountains, set in park-like, meticulously maintained, landscaped outdoor spaces. Such spaces might also feature strategically placed, fixed, or moveable seating.

Custom-designed corporate outdoor seating that is constructed or installed to complement the architectural aspects of the office buildings, plus water features, fountains, and focal points would be included in the bespoke landscaping plans and layout. They are there to provide lovely, comfortable areas where employees may choose to sit or stroll, relaxing and unwinding while on their tea or lunch breaks.

Golf/Equestrian Estates

On the other hand, your vision of a desirable residential estate may be based on an ideal enclosed community with a village-like, communal atmosphere, because residents share a common interest, such as golf or equestrian activities (as found in an equestrian estate). In both instances, landscaping services are invariably required to transform the properties’ outdoor spaces into areas that cater for applicable sporting or leisure activities.

Residential/Security Estate

Furthermore, landscaped communal outdoor gardens are part and parcel of today’s residential security estates, as well as in the more compact gardens of individual properties, usually cluster or townhouse homes. In fact, no garden is too big or small to benefit from qualified, artistic, and creative professional services.

Broadly Beneficial

A landscaped garden is beneficial on so many levels. Bespoke designs make the most of outdoor areas and the characteristics of plants, both aesthetically and functionally. Its appeal is universal for those who enjoy their landscaped surroundings, as well as those who observe a home’s street appeal, because gardens make the first and lasting impression on potential property buyers, investors, and tenants.

By having your external surroundings landscaped professionally by an artist like Earthlinks Landscaping’s Esli Kietzmann, you are immediately and directly increasing the appeal and value of your property.

A qualified, committed landscape architect, Esli founded Earthlinks Landscaping in 2001, around three years after completing her degree. Esli approaches each project as an individual, innovative bespoke creation, because her delighted previous and potential new clients who cannot wait to have a new bespoke garden that reflects their individual style deserve nothing less. Esli does not deliver mass-produced creations. No true artist does.