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Bespoke Landscaping Services

July 22, 2019

The Beauty of Bespoke Landscaping Services

There are many ways of enjoying and appreciating Mother Nature’s beauty and bounty. To do so, you do not have to travel hundreds or thousands of kilometres to a particularly distant, magnificent part of South Africa that is blessed with exceptional scenic beauty and sensational landscapes, or alternatively, find a nearby botanical garden to marvel at the plants and mini landscapes on show there.

Your Own Bespoke Landscape Design

You can have the pleasure and joy of living each and every day, throughout the year, surrounded by a totally unique, bespoke landscape design, as featured in your own garden, at home – providing that you engage the services of a talented, experienced, and creative landscaper.

Gauteng-Based Landscape Architect

Here, we refer to and recommend the professional services of the founder of Earthlinks Landscaping, a creative and qualified landscape architect, who specialises in bespoke landscape design and implementation services. Esli Kietzmann finished her landscape architect qualification in 1998, and established Earthlinks a few years later, in 2001.

Esli has a love of all aspects of her profession, an enormous talent for her artistic craft, and an overriding passion to exceed the expectations of her clients. Judging by the delighted feedback from happy Earthlinks customers and their accompanying accolades, Esli and her well-trained teams are credits to the challenging, competitive world of landscape architecture in Gauteng, the area in which they operate.

Sensational Green Sanctuary

Professional landscaping services are not only employed in the creation of expansive private gardens and large public spaces; increasingly, such services are called upon to transform smaller gardens into sensational green sanctuaries and little Edens.

Large and Compact Outdoor Spaces

Most South African properties offer some green space, unlike many of the world’s much older, more densely populated urban areas. Many South Africans still enjoy a typical South African outdoor lifestyle, offered by a truly spacious garden.

However, urban development and security concerns in Gauteng, in particular, have resulted in a distinct, growing preference for smaller properties in lifestyle estates and residential complexes, where gardens are more compact.

Compact gardens do not have to be boring. With the able assistance and innovative, bespoke design talents of landscape architects like Esli, your dwelling’s garden, large or small, can be transformed into an exclusive, lush, green extension of your home, with fascinating focal features and a totally unique character that reflects your style, personality, and lifestyle, complementing the architecture and distinctive ambience of your home.

After consulting with you to assess your landscaping needs and preferences, Esli and our design teams create a bespoke 2D design proposal and drawing, plus presentation layouts and a plant palette, enabling you to take a virtual tour of your soon-to-be newly landscaped, beautiful bespoke garden in Gauteng.