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Can Landscaping Improve Home Value

November 17, 2015

Your Questions Answered: Can Landscaping Improve Home Value?

Decided to put your property on the market and a little nervous about what to expect? While the South African property market is expected to increase by 8% next year, it is not uncommon to find properties sitting on the market for months or even years. What’s the reason? Unfortunately, there are many sellers who fail to realise the potential that their outdoor space has, and while they have no problem spending big on their interior, they completely forget about their exterior, which can be a costly mistake.

Believe it or not, a landscape is an incredibly valuable feature and is often one of the first things that potential buyers judge when pulling into the driveway. First impressions are everything and your landscape is just as important as the inside of your home, if not more!  In fact, ask any real estate agent and they will all tell you that if you’re looking for a fast sale and a good ROI, then you’ll find it with your landscape.

A Quick Look at the Figures

Can landscaping improve home value? Absolutely! A beautiful, functional and productive garden landscape can increase the value of any property by up to 20%? By installing a front or back patio for entertainment purposes, you can easily raise the property value by 12.4%. If that’s not enough, while a property with curb appeal can add another 4.4%, hedges around the entire property for privacy can add another 3.6%. What’s more, just by having a pretty front and back garden, you can accelerate the buying process by as much as six weeks, which is fantastic for sellers who are in a rush to sell their property.

“When people ask how they can get strong interest in their property, we always tell them to fix up their landscaping.” – National Association of Realtors

A space that can increase the value of a property by up to 20%, as well as provide a beautiful and functional area that can add significant value to any family life – this is one area that you want to get right before you put your home on the market.

We’ll Help You Add Value to Your Home

If you’d like to get your landscape polished, functional and ready for the property market, then turn to us at EarthLinks Landscaping in Johannesburg. In operation for over 15 years, we are the leading garden landscapers in Johannesburg who are committed, driven and passionate about nature and its elements. Boasting an exceptional portfolio and a proven track record working with small to large homes, businesses, hospitals, office blocks, restaurants and shopping centres throughout Johannesburg and Pretoria – not only are we the most reputable garden landscapers, but we’re also the most experienced.

Landscape Your Home to Sell with EarthLinks Landscaping

Acknowledging that each property is unique, through our consulting, planning, design, construction, installation and maintenance process, our dedicated team of garden architects and horticulturalists gives 100% attention to your needs, in order to ensure that your landscape design is achieved according to your precise needs and constraints. To learn more about how we can landscape your home to sell, contact us today.