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Commercial Landscape Design

July 15, 2015

Make a Positive First Impression with Commercial Landscape Design

When it comes to commercial buildings, whether it’s a hospital, school, shopping centre, office or warehouse, there are many owners who tend to ignore the importance of ensuring that their exterior looks as smart and polished as their interior. Making a positive first impression is important for any place of business, and just because the building is for work, manufacturing or shopping, it doesn’t mean that it has to be ugly on the outside. When it comes to business, first impressions are everything, especially when it comes to your important clients and potential customers. If your business premises currently lack class, style and sophistication, then the best place to start is with your landscape.

There are many small to large sized businesses that choose to invest in commercial landscape design; however, there are just as many that consider it unnecessary. While we could give you 101 reasons why you should invest in a professional commercial landscape design, we’re going to give you the top 3 commercial landscape design ideas that will not only allow you to enhance the aesthetics and appeal of your premises, but also make a positive first impression and boost your image.

1. Give Your Customers the Red Carpet Treatment with Walkways and Paths

Every business consists of walk-in-traffic, and while one of the key objectives of commercial landscape design is to both make the entrance noticeable and make your clients and customers feel welcome, this is an excellent opportunity to give your customers and clients the red carpet treatment with beautifully designed stone or gravel walkways and paths.

2. Create a Focal Point with a Water Feature

A feature that should be considered before starting any landscaping project, focal points add purpose to any commercial outdoor space. While bench swings, pergolas, statues and birdfeeders create amazing focal points, water features are one of the hottest trends in the art of commercial landscaping design. Designed to provide tranquil, peaceful and soothing sounds, water features assist clients, customers and employees in relaxing and de-stressing their minds and bodies – an extremely useful feature in today’s fast-paced world of business and retail.

3. Solar-powered Commercial Landscape Lighting

Commercial landscape lighting has many benefits, it not only serves as excellent security, but it also adds beauty to your outdoor space. Use them to showcase your entire landscape, or use them only to light up pathways, trees and focal points. If you’re concerned about running up exorbitant electricity bills, then you could opt for solar-powered landscape lighting, which has a long life span of 100 000 hours.


Creating and maintaining your commercial landscape simply won’t be possible without the help of reputable corporate landscaping contractors who can offer you a wide range of commercial landscape design services and design styles. In operation for over 15 years, our experience in servicing a variety of industries, which include residential, commercial, corporate and industrial sectors, has taught us that every landscape is unique, and our commercial landscaping services are customised to each and every one of our valued clients’ unique needs.

Regardless of what type of commercial landscape design you choose to beautify or update your outdoor space with, be sure to partner with us at EarthLinks Landscaping in Gauteng. Our landscape architects can either offer you fresh ideas or take your ideas and turn them into a reality. Let us enhance your image by creating a fresh and unique outdoor space that will not only allow you to make a positive first impression, but will also add value to your investment.