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Commercial Landscaping Services

March 12, 2015

How Commercial Landscaping Services Can Benefit Your Business

When it comes to business, first impressions are everything, especially when it comes to your potential customers. There are many small to large sized businesses that choose to invest in commercial landscaping services; however, there are also those that consider it an unnecessary expense. If you find yourself on the fence about whether you should invest in an outdoor space, then keep reading to find out how commercial landscaping services can actually benefit your business, then you decide if it’s worth it or not!


Improves Your Company Image

If you’re interested in improving your company image, then a good place to start is by creating a positive company perception. While this can be achieved through a variety of ways, one proven way is through your front and back exterior space. First impressions count and one way to stand out, be remembered and liked is to make sure that your landscape looks clean, expensive, stylish and sophisticated – this can only be achieved through commercial landscaping services.


Increases Employee Productivity

A beautiful green commercial space has so many more benefits than what meets the eye. For decades, there has been extensive research documented on how indoor greenery can benefit the physical and psychological aspects of employee behaviour. In fact, research has proven that those who spend nine hours a day in highly stressful working environments can benefit greatly from greenery around the office. Not only do plants have the power to eradicate stress, but they also reduce anxiety. The next time you feel consumed with worry and angst, go for a walk in a green and colourful garden, or even stand under a large tree, you will immediately start to feel more calm and at peace. The power of nature should never be underestimated, and it’s an excellent healer when brought into the workplace.


Reduces Illness and Improves Indoor Air Quality

While an attractive commercial landscape brings many benefits to the employer, from image to productivity, it also has the power to greatly benefit employees. Everyone knows that healthy employees mean happy and productive employees, and not only can a commercial landscaped garden or a workplace filled with indoor plants relieve stress and anxiety, but studies have confirmed that a greener environment improves air quality. For business owners and employees, this is a fantastic way to reduce the all too common occurrence of “Sick Building Syndrome”. Other benefits of commercial landscaping services are that they help to reduce background noise, carbon dioxide levels, pollutants and temperatures.

There is no doubt that a well-designed commercial landscape will not only speak volumes to your clients about the quality and commitment of your products and services, but it will also increase employee productivity, and improve air quality in the workplace. Creating and maintaining commercial landscaping services simply won’t be possible without the help of reputable corporate landscaping contractors who can offer you a wide range of commercial landscaping services and design styles.

If you reside in Johannesburg and are looking for a landscaping company to green your exterior and interior, we at EarthLinks Landscaping can provide you with a variety of innovative commercial landscaping services and design ideas. We will ensure that you get an outdoor space that will not only impress, but one that you will be proud of!