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Contemporary Garden Design

June 23, 2015

Give Your Outdoor Space the “Wow” Factor with Contemporary Garden Design

Due to the increase of modern homes and the demand of urban city living, garden styles have seen a major shift towards contemporary garden design. If you’re a business or homeowner who enjoys their outdoor space and are looking for a garden design to give your outdoor space the “wow” factor, then a contemporary garden design is perfect for you.

What is Contemporary Garden Design?

Urban in character, the best contemporary garden design delivers an outdoor living space that is not only a style statement, but one that is also a marriage of style and function. An extension of modernism, contemporary garden design is all about new, modern and innovative landscaping. Defined by the use of clean lines, simplicity and a strong sense of geometry – in the contemporary garden, less is always more!

Hard Landscaping and Outdoor Structures

Forget vegetables, herbs, colourful plants and shrubs, when it comes to contemporary garden design, hard landscaping and functional outdoor structures take preference. There are many structures that can be installed, but none are as inviting, functional and stylish as an outdoor entertainment area, an outdoor kitchen, a Jacuzzi, or a water feature, patio, deck and walkway. Whether you’re considering a wooden deck or square paved walkway, these structures not only flaunt hard materials such as natural stone, sandstone, concrete, granite, limestone, slate, porcelain, bamboo or hardwood, but they also flaunt geometrical shapes with clean lines, such as squares, rectangles and circles.

Minimal, Yet Bold Planting Styles

While a garden would not be a garden without some greenery, contemporary garden design uses minimal plants and flowers. Bold and simple, repetition of small or large distinctive plants that repeat throughout the design is greatly favoured. Representing controlled order, hedging is also extremely popular for this style of design. With the ability to make a space appear wider and polished, hedges are easy to maintain, gorgeous to look at and are considered as the staple of contemporary garden design.

Illuminate and Add Drama with Lighting

Central in contemporary garden design, garden lighting plays an integral role – they illuminate, create moods and add drama to your garden at night. Whether it’s an electrical spot light or a solar powered colour changing light, effects can be achieved by using them to highlight structures such as water features, pools, sculptures and trees, or by placing them in walls or along walkways. Either way, once you light up your garden, it will never be the same again.

For many businesses and homeowners, their outdoor space is often the last to receive the attention that it deserves. The reality is that your exterior is just as important as your interior, and while there are numerous contemporary garden designs that can offer your outdoor space the “wow” factor, before attempting them, it’s always advised to have an idea of what you want and the right garden designers to do it for you.

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