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Corporate Landscapers

April 24, 2017

The Importance of Corporate Landscapers for Your Commercial Development


Not many people arrive at a commercial property and really take in the gardens and fully realise the hard work that are required to design and maintain these gardens. The importance of corporate landscaping is often underestimated, yet it can make a great impact on employees and guests, and also on the overall perception of the company. It is true that first impressions are the lasting ones, and when it comes to corporate image, the appearance of an office or corporate headquarters has to be appealing to everybody. Even when people do not realise that they notice the landscaping of a corporate building, they will certainly notice if the gardens are shabby or non-existent! The impression that people form of the gardens can carry over into the way they feel about the company too.


Aesthetic appeal is vitally important in order to create a positive impression with potential new clients who drive past the office building, and in addition to the garden being well maintained and attractive, it has to suit the image of the business and the style of the building that it surrounds. It is a fact that the exterior of your corporate building should be as attractive as the interior, and this is where corporate landscapers come in.


The expertise that corporate landscapers bring to the table is vital to the look, durability, maintenance, and water-wise approach of your garden. While water is very expensive, it is also a natural resource that has to be protected and used as sparingly as possible. Getting a professional corporate landscaper to design and maintain your corporate gardens can be extremely helpful on many levels. They can come up with ideas that will elevate the image of your building and business; they can suggest water-wise solutions, and help you to find the perfect balance between a garden that is attractive and one that is cost-effective and low on maintenance.


Another thing to consider is your employees. It has been proven through various studies that the mental attitude and emotions of employees are affected by the environment they work in, and this can have an impact on their productivity. When employees arrive at work, the first thing they see is the environment around the building, and if this is unattractive and unappealing, they start the day off on a negative note. A beautiful, comfortable garden can increase morale and provide the ideal space for employees to relax during lunchtimes and to return to work refreshed and motivated. It can also help to create an environment in which employees can happily work, and feel good about it.


If you are looking for professional corporate landscapers to design and maintain your corporate gardens, give our experts at EarthLinks Landscaping a call. We have a wealth of experience in the effective design, layout, maintenance, and other vital aspects of garden design. Give your clients and your employees something wonderful and invest in a garden that will not only be cost-effective to maintain, but will also complement the image of your business. Call us today for more information.