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Cost-Effective Landscaping Companies

January 16, 2017

Top Cost-Effective Landscaping Tips from Professional Landscaping Companies


Did you know that landscaping is essential to your house’s presentation and can even increase its value by up to 20%? Yes, your home is your castle and just as the interior of your home is important, so is the exterior – if not more. There are many homeowners and businesses who fail to realise the potential their outdoor spaces have. A striking space that can set the tone of a home increases the value of a property, as well as enhances the image of a business; a well-designed landscape can transform even the dullest of spaces into places of beauty and tranquillity. But where does one start?

As an art and science that demands a professional eye, green fingers, and an acquired knowledge of nature, plants, soil, water, and the building of outdoor structures, landscaping is a skill best left to the professionals. It isn’t for everyone and if done incorrectly by an amateur, not only will it have the opposite effect of what it was intended to achieve, but it will cost way more down the line to correct. That being said, a beautifully designed garden needn’t cost the earth. That’s right, anyone can have a beautiful and thriving garden on just about any budget – it all depends on the garden style you’re after and the materials you use. If you’re someone who just doesn’t have the time, energy, or the big budget, then here are two top cost-effective landscaping tips from one of the leading landscaping companies in Johannesburg:

#1 Ditch Your Lawn for Brick, Rock, or Cement Pavers

While having a green, lovely lawn is and will always be a preferred choice for homes, water is scarce, so it may be time to ditch your lawn for pavers. One of the best cost-effective landscaping tips landscaping companies will give you is to install round or geometric pavers as a ground cover. Playing an important role in a home’s overall appeal, not only do rock or cement pavers enhance kerb appeal, but they offer greater stability and polish, and they can save you money. As a bonus, you don’t even have to buy them new. Yes, recycled or broken pavers laid out in a mosaic pattern can look absolutely stunning. Chic, trendy, cost-effective, sustainable, and ever so stylish, nothing screams “polish” more than a beautifully paved groundcover. In fact, if you’re looking to put your house on the market, this is one feature guaranteed to grab attention.

#2 Go Sustainable and Use Eco-Friendly Best Practices

Everyone is talking about going green and being more sustainable, and we can hardly blame them. From recycling, installing solar, using drought-resistant plants, and being more water-wise to using local natural materials, the appeal for eco-friendly landscaping is becoming a key factor for property managers, building owners, and homeowners everywhere. Not only can it save you money, but it’s chic and trendy too, and it can reduce your environmental footprint. It really doesn’t matter how small or big your outdoor space is or what kind of upkeep and developments are required, using best practices in response to a variety of environmental issues can benefit both you and the environment.