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Distinguishing Features of Landscape Architecture

January 23, 2020

“Landscaping” (one’s garden) is a word (or concept) that is commonly used in South Africa to indicate that one is utilising the services of a professional person to plan the layout and planting of a private or public outdoor space, whilst gardeners are usually the folks who undertake the actual installation of plants, after preparation of the soil and at the direction of the landscape architect, designer, or landscaper.

Landscape Architecture - Earthlinks LandscapingWhat is Landscape Architecture?

According to one of the most popular, most often consulted online sources of information, landscape architecture may be described as “the design of outdoor areas, landmarks, and structures to achieve environmental, socio-behavioural, or aesthetic outcomes.”

However, for most South Africans, this art and science implies that we want our private and public outdoor spaces to be attractive, appealing, and complimentary to the surroundings and the architectural style of adjacent buildings, as well as sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The scope of knowledge and skills involved in landscape architecture is extensive, including complex environmental research, ecology, planning and design, planting that is suitable for a particular area and its conditions, and relevant construction knowledge (for outdoor structures) and regulations that apply to storm water management and servitudes.

Landscapers or landscape designers’ scope of training and expertise is less extensive and in-depth than that of the architect. The latter may choose to undertake less complex landscaping projects, but strictly speaking, the former group should not be referred to as architects.


Garden Landscaping - Earthlinks LandscapingA BSc degree is required to become a professional landscape architect in South Africa. The founder of our company, EarthLinks Landscaping, is a qualified, highly creative professional lady, Esli Kietzmann, who devotes her extensive knowledge, passion, and time to her craft – in all types of projects, commercial, public, and private residential, whether large or small.

The optimal planning and design of an outdoor space, as well as the plants and planting positions of each type and species depends on numerous conditions – climate, weather and mean rainfall, elevation, location, architecture of buildings, and the client’s style preferences. Because of this important aspect, Esli focuses on serving areas in Gauteng that she knows and understands well, and that are within a manageable distance from our head office.

Currently, Bedfordview, Edenvale, Irene, Midrand, Johannesburg, Randburg, Roodepoort, and Sandton feature amongst the areas in which we are active, but we suggest that you confirm your area with a call to our offices or an email. If required, Esli’s team of qualified horticulturists, plant doctors, tree fellers, and well-trained gardeners are on hand to ensure that your outdoor spaces are maintained in tip-top condition, after she has applied her considerable talents to the custom-creation of the garden of your dreams.