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Expert Garden Landscaping

March 12, 2015

Garden Landscaping – Let the Experts Restore and Modernise your Outdoor Space

Does your garden look dull, lifeless and in need of a complete landscaping overhaul? Garden landscaping is not an easy job for someone new to working with nature’s elements. It is an art and a science of knowing how to innovatively create and construct a living, scenic and functional outdoor environment. It is a practice which requires in-depth knowledge and skill, a professional eye and a creative mind, and can go a long way for any home, increasing its market value and transforming it into a visual and functional masterpiece. However, if you know very little about trees, soil, plants, lawn and outdoor structures, then creating and maintaining an outdoor landscape will simply not be easy or even possible without the help of an expert garden landscaping company.

Most garden landscaping companies offer a wide variety of landscaping services, from blue print planning and developing, to installing and maintaining outdoor spaces with services that stretch far beyond planting flowers and pruning rose bushes, mowing the lawn and removing weeds. Whether you want your garden to serve as an outdoor oasis for family outdoor living, complete with a swimming pool, entertainment and barbeque area, or if you are interested in brick pavers for a sleek and elegant pathway, or a stone pond complete with Koi fish for your business premises – an expert garden landscaping company can bring all your outdoor visions to life and can even offer you advice, tips and expertise on garden landscaping ideas such as the following:


Well-thought-out and carefully planned outdoor lighting can enhance the architecture of any home. Not only is it a great way to improve the market value of your home, but it also enables you to use your outdoor space at night for friends and family get-togethers, celebrations and braais, and it can also serve as an excellent security system, making the home safer from intruders. Outdoor lighting can be used to light up decks and pathways, or you can use them behind trees and focal points to showcase your entire landscape.


If there is one piece of advice an expert in the garden landscaping industry will tell you, it is to choose a garden style. Visualize everything from Balinese, contemporary, eco and bird-friendly, four seasons with a seasonal vegetable and herb garden, indigenous with different types of sustainable fruit trees, Japanese with oriental plants, Mediterranean, or tropical with water features, to Zen with rock gardens. Whatever you can imagine, an experienced landscaper will be able to plan, design and create for you.


Most homeowners are trending towards an outdoor fireplace nowadays. Whether it is for increasing the market value of their home, adding some modern elegance to the patio area or for entertainment, this popular trending installation adds functionality and value to any outdoor space and can even be used on cold winter nights to entertain, warm hands or roast marshmallows.


If you would like to get your outdoor space functional, and looking beautifully manicured and green, then you should definitely contact EarthLinks Landscaping. Designing and creating gardens for nearly 15 years, we provide expert services to homes and businesses throughout the entire Johannesburg area. Whatever type or style of landscape you are looking for, we are a motivated team of horticulturists and landscape designers who can do it all! Let the experts develop, restore or modernise your outdoor space today. Do not delay, call us immediately for an evaluation and quote.