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Garden Design

May 4, 2015

The Top 3 South African Trends in Backyard Garden Design

Our homes are expressions of our needs, personalities and lifestyles, and just as your interior is important, so is your exterior! If you’re a homeowner who enjoys their backyard and are looking for a garden design that can add style, sophistication and functionality, then you will no doubt appreciate the top 3 South African trends in backyard garden design.

Winter Edible Vegetable and Herb Garden

One of the top garden design trends currently in high demand is beautiful and practical edible vegetable and herb gardens. Everyone is planting fruit, salad leaves and vegetables, not only is it productive, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing. Also referred to as “foodscaping”, an edible garden can also be mixed with ornamentals. With winter approaching, this is the best time to start setting up your vegetable garden and also a good time to plant beans, mustard cress, onions, peas, radishes, spinach and lettuce. A vegetable and herb garden design not only offers homeowners a garden that is full of butterflies, but you also get a delicious harvest throughout the season that is pesticide free, and in today’s economy, it’s really worth thinking about.

Eco-friendly Garden Design

One of the top trending garden designs on everyone’s lips is eco-friendly! If you’re a homeowner who cares about preservation and sustainability, then this type of garden design is just right for you. A garden design that’s all about working with nature and not against it, eco-friendly gardens are all about using eco-friendly materials and fertilisers, water-wise solutions and drought-resistant plants, such as aloes, cactus and other beautiful succulents. Not only is this type of garden design low maintenance, but you’ll also be saving plenty in terms of water and energy.

Indigenous (South African)

While there is nothing quite like a South African garden, if you’re looking to bring nature back to your outdoor space, then this is the right type of garden design for you. Home to some of the most beautiful floral kingdoms of the world, South African indigenous plants, flowers, trees and shrubs are well adapted to the South African climate and are also extremely drought resistant, which means that they don’t demand maintenance or constant watering. Choose perennials and shrubs that range from Agapanthus, Blue Honeybell Bush, Blou Heuningklokkiesbos, Wild Iris, Gazanias, and Sagewood to Bloukappies. Once in the ground, your garden will come alive and as an added benefit, your garden will attract plenty of birds and butterflies.

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