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Garden Design Ideas

March 6, 2015

Garden Design Ideas and Tips for Landscaping

Looking for creative garden design ideas and someone to help you implement them? Look no further. We at EarthLinks Landscaping have intricate knowledge of various types of gardens, climates, and commercial or residential settings. With years of garden design and commercial landscaping experience, there is simply no limitation to our creativity, innovativeness and expertise. We tailor our landscaping to the size, type of garden, climate, budget requirements of the client, and the purpose of the garden.

Nevertheless, we are also not shy when it comes to sharing a few garden design ideas so bookmark our page for up to date tips and guidance. To get the inspiration going a few ideas are shared below.



Before you start out in planting and trimming spend some time on planning. Decide on whether you need space for the children to play. Do you have a dog that needs running space? Do you want to grow your own herbs and veggies? Do you want to create little hide-away spaces or do you want a large open lawn edged with beautiful flower beds. Do you want to create shady spots and most important – what style of garden do you want? You can go with a cottage style, contemporary minimalistic style, traditional English, a wilderness garden, well-structured and low maintenance type or discuss your particular ideas and we will help you come up with the ideal style for your specific region, space, budget and requirements.

Consider weather elements such as sun, wind, rain and shade. Note that during December to February we have rather warm summers in Gauteng and plants can easily burn. You thus need to consider which plants will at the end of the day be hardy enough for the warm summer months. For the winter period, likewise you have to consider the extreme cold weather of Gauteng and also have to keep in mind that August is exceptionally windy. Take the movement of the sun into account when designing the garden to ensure optimal growth and shady areas for seating.


Slope Garden Design

The biggest problem you will face with a slope garden is water run-off. As such it is certainly worth the investment to make use of our services to help you retain water-run off with hard landscaping. We can reshape the garden to create various divisions and to develop terraces.

It is important to create terraces that will be useful and can include from water features to relaxation spaces. You may want to add an outdoor breakfast space or a late afternoon sundowners seating space where you can enjoy the final sunrays of the day before the moon makes its early appearance. You can even create a little romantic star gazing spot.

The garden will be characterised by linear lay-outs and as such you will want to add for instance, a clipped box area to help shift the focus to the specific terrace instead of the overall garden.

The above tips are, but an introduction to the various designs you may want to consider and of course, essential factors to keep in mind. Let us help you to make the most of your garden design ideas and ensure that your dream can become a reality. Give us a call for an assessment today.