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Garden Design and Landscaping

December 12, 2016

Two Low-Maintenance Garden Design and Landscaping Ideas to do this Season


Looking to give your garden a fresh look this season? We don’t blame you. A time for fun, family, friends, and non-stop celebrations, summer is here and if your garden is looking boring, bland, or overgrown, then it’s definitely time for a garden revamp.

But, landscaping can be such hard work. The truth is that not everyone has the time or the energy to spend their precious weekends slaving away in the hot sun. While there are some homeowners who love nothing more than to spend their Saturdays and Sundays pulling out weeds, raking, pruning rose bushes, cutting back hedges, and keeping their garden watered, there are others who loathe the idea. If you’re a homeowner looking for garden design and landscaping ideas that will allow you to spend less time taking care of your garden and more time relaxing in it, we have two low-maintenance ideas you’re going to love.

Create an Outdoor Living Space with a Contemporary Garden

If you’re a homeowner who enjoys the outdoors and are looking for a garden design to give your outdoor space the “wow” factor, a contemporary garden design is perfect for you. Urban in character, contemporary garden design delivers an outdoor living space that not only makes a style statement, but it also offers the perfect marriage of style and function. The frontrunner for those that both live in modern homes and detest clutter, the contemporary garden boasts hard landscaping and outdoor structures such as fire pits, water features, and beautifully paved geometric decks and walkways, as well as bold planting styles with spotlights that add drama.

Attract Wildlife with a Zen Rock Garden Surrounded by Succulents

While there is nothing quite like a thriving, colourful garden, if you’re looking to add variety, and attract birds, bees, and butterflies while flaunting a minimalist twist, then do it with a Zen rock garden surrounded by beautiful drought-resistant succulents such as Geraniums, Aloes, wild dagga, lavender, and plumbagoes. An extremely popular trend in garden design and landscaping – especially in drought-ridden areas such as Johannesburg – a Zen rock garden is stylish, natural, sustainable, and extremely low-maintenance.

Whatever type of garden design you’re looking for, find it with EarthLinks Landscaping in Johannesburg. Designing and creating landscapes for over 15 years, we are extremely passionate about staying green, the environment, natural balance, and plants and trees, Chat to us today to view our portfolio and our rates.