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Garden Design Specialists

May 4, 2015

Garden Design Specialists at the Forefront of Garden Creation and Transformation

Are you a homeowner in Johannesburg looking to create, enhance and even transform your dull, lifeless garden? Every homeowner dreams of an outdoor oasis that’s not only filled with colourful ornamentals, trees and edibles, but also a garden that boasts a beautifully cobbled ground with a stylish entertainment area that the entire family can enjoy. Unfortunately, it’s not easy achieving garden perfection if you’re not skilled with the laws of nature, science and permaculture.

If you have a large garden that you just can’t seem to get under control, then you will know just what a tough job a garden can be. While most people think that garden design is all about planting a few flower beds, growing some grass and installing a water feature, they couldn’t be more mistaken. Garden design is not only an art but it’s also a science that requires creativity, in-depth knowledge, understanding, skill, imagination, stamina and years of experience to keep it alive, functional and polished. Well, if you’re looking for a team of garden design specialists to either create or transform your garden for you, you’ve found us!

We Create, Design, Develop, Install and Transform

Proud to be a reputable team of garden design specialists at the forefront of landscaping design, at EarthLinks Landscaping, we recognise that each garden is unique and are proud to offer residential homeowners and commercial and corporate businesses a wide variety of landscaping services that stretch far beyond removing weeds, installing water features, planting flowers and trees, and pruning rosebushes and hedges.

We Offer Endless Creative Styles and Designs

In operation since 2001, we offer a full-service garden design service that extends from conceptualising, blue print planning, developing, transforming, creating, building, installing and maintaining gardens for private homes, residential estates, businesses and commercial developments throughout the entire Johannesburg region.

As a specialist landscaping company that practices eco-friendly methods, we can offer you the choice of any garden design and style that you desire, such as the following:


As one of the top garden design specialists at the forefront of landscape creation and transformation, we’re extremely passionate about nature, landscape design, natural balance, plants, sustainability and the environment. When you hire our garden design specialist services, you’re hiring a team of experienced, skilled, passionate and knowledgeable landscaping architects, horticulturalists, plant doctors, tree surgeons and landscaping designers who give 100% to your project.

Whatever type of garden design or style you require – we are the garden design specialists in Johannesburg who can do it all! Contact us today for a chat, evaluation and quote.