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Garden Designers

June 23, 2015

Achieve a Low Maintenance, Eco-friendly Garden with Johannesburg’s Leading Garden Designers

In the face of today’s decline in economic growth, depressed housing market, rising water costs and ongoing load shedding, many businesses and homeowners are looking for ways to cut costs, and one place to start is in your garden. Whether you’re developing a new garden for the first time or revamping your existing one, we are the garden designers that can help you make the right sustainable, eco-friendly choices.

Creating an eco-friendly garden is an art which needs a professional eye and a creative mind, and if you own or manage a residential or commercial property in the Johannesburg area and are looking for a team of eco-friendly garden designers, then turn to us at EarthLinks Landscaping.

Our Garden Design will Save You Money and Time

Upgrading to an eco-friendly garden is not only a good choice for the environment, but it can also save you plenty of money on utility expenses. How? Being green is really all about not being wasteful and that means being water wise. Using less water doesn’t mean you’re going to have less greenery, it just means we’re going to help you harvest water in better sustainable ways, and we’re also going to put more thought into your plant and tree selection, which is a fundamental element of an eco-friendly garden. We’ll start by transplanting drought-tolerant trees and perennials that are native to your area, that can handle your climate and that don’t demand consistent watering. The amount of maintenance required for your garden will also dramatically decrease, and this will save you plenty of time.

We’ll Help Your Garden Attract More Butterflies, Bees and Birds

One of the greatest rules of an eco-friendly garden is to do no harm, and what this means is to refrain from using harmful chemical fertilisers that run into your soil and harm your eco-system. If you’re looking to set up a little herb and vegetable garden, then for the health of your family, you most definitely want to avoid toxic chemicals. Furthermore, toxic fertilisers and pesticides not only kill pests, but they also deter birds and butterflies from visiting your garden. At EarthLinks Landscaping, our teams of expert garden designers only use fertilisers and pesticides that are safe for you and for the environment, which means that you can expect to enjoy a flourishing and thriving garden that will attract colourful butterflies, ladybugs, birds and bees throughout every season.

We Work With Nature, Not Against It

Working with nature and not against it, at EarthLinks Landscaping, we are one of the few eco-friendly landscaping companies in Johannesburg that are committed, driven and passionate about garden design, sustainability, nature, natural balance and the environment. Through our sustainable and eco-friendly design and planning processes, our dedicated team of garden designers will give 100% attention to your garden. At EarthLinks Landscaping, we’ll ensure that your vision and environmental principles are always achieved.