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Garden Entertainment Area Ideas

March 30, 2021

5 Great Garden Entertainment Area Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

With great suburban gardens and absolutely stunning weather, South Africa offers the ideal conditions for outdoor socialising. All you need is some inspiration on how to transform your space into the hottest hangout in the neighbourhood, and you’re set for a lifetime of memorable days and nights with your friends and family. Here are five top garden entertainment area ideas to inspire you:


1. A beautiful boma

When South African think of outdoor socialising, a braai is usually the first thing that comes to mind. But why stick with a traditional braai? Why not up your game with a beautiful boma – a wonderful, social space around a sunken braai – for those “kuiers” that carry on until late under the stars? It looks great, it works fantastic, and it’s every braai master’s dream.


2. The perfect pizza oven

Are you looking for some inspired garden entertainment area ideas that go beyond the obvious braai? Consider replacing the expected braai with a wood-fired pizza oven. Just imagine sharing the perfect pizza with friends. Alternatively, why not have both – a braai and a pizza over? Nothing is stopping you!


3. Extend your indoor space outdoors

If you love hosting parties, consider extending your indoor entertainment area into your garden. This will allow you to have a dedicated space for socialising, no matter the weather. You’ll also be making your space bigger without the need for extensive and expensive rebuilds. Additionally, it might even give you some fresh new decorating ideas.


4. A formal dining area fit for a feast

Garden entertainment area ideas need not only be limited to braais and pool parties. If you love hosting fancy lunches and dinners, why not create a magical formal dining area outside? You get to enjoy the beauty of your garden while sharing a formidable feast with your guests in a fairytale setting they won’t forget.


5. Outdoor “rooms”

Too often, our gardens are underutilised. No more. Think outside the box (or the house, so to speak) and convert your garden into spaces for your family to retreat into. Think bences, water features, decks that maximise the views… Areas where someone can sit and read, enjoy some dappled sunlight or the shade of a tree, listen to the birds, or even get some work done. Make full use of your entire space.


Whatever your great garden entertainment area idea is, or even if you’re looking for new ideas, get in touch with the team at Earthlinks Landscaping. We can make it happen.