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Garden Landscapers Johannesburg

March 12, 2015

Reasons to Choose EarthLinks Landscaping as Your Garden Landscapers in Johannesburg

Are you looking for a credible team of expert garden landscapers in Johannesburg who can transform your outdoor space into something beautiful and functional? Or are you looking to increase the property value of your home? If you know very little about landscaping, edging flower beds, tree pruning, soil, flowers and plants, or how to install an outdoor living space complete with a deck, outdoor kitchen and water feature, then you will benefit greatly from our garden landscapers in Johannesburg!


We Can Install Every Type of Garden Style

In operation for over 15 years, we at EarthLinks Landscaping are the leading garden landscapers in Johannesburg who are committed, driven and passionate about nature and its elements of raw beauty. Not only are we the most reputable garden landscapers in Johannesburg, but we are also the most experienced. We can design and install any garden style you desire according to your precise needs and constraints, these range from Arid, Balinese, Contemporary Minimalist, Eco Friendly, English Country, Four Seasons, Indigenous (South African) and Japanese, to Mediterranean, Mexican, Provencal, Tropical, Tuscan and Zen.


We Offer a Wide Range of Landscaping Services

Whatever type or style of garden landscape you are looking to have installed, we are the garden landscapers in Johannesburg who can do it all! Whether you have a roof or balcony garden, or a large or small landscape for a home, office block, factory or shopping centre garden – you can always trust us to complete the project affordably and efficiently. Our services range from children’s playgrounds and mazes; courtyard, roof and balcony gardens; garden entertainment, barbeque and culinary areas; hedge cutting, and specialised plant and tree pruning and training; herb, vegetable and edible gardens; landscape architectural drawings and planting plans; lawn care, including grass cutting, feeding and weed control; weekly, bi-monthly or annual maintenance and after-care; water irrigation systems and water features, and so much more.


We are Passionate About Nature and Design

A garden landscape is not something that you just design, create and walk away from. A garden landscape is a living biological system that needs constant patience, maintenance and endurance to keep it neat, green and functional. When you hire our services at EarthLinks Landscaping, you are hiring a knowledgeable team of horticulturalists, tree surgeons, plant doctors, landscaping designers and architects who are extremely passionate about nature, landscape design, natural balance, the environment, water conservation and plants.

Creating and maintaining the beauty of your residential or business garden simply won’t be possible without the help of a knowledgeable team of garden landscapers in Johannesburg. At EarthLinks Landscaping, it’s our intention to give you the type of landscape design that you desire and deserve, all while staying within your budget.

Proud to be the type of garden landscapers in Johannesburg who specialise in the transformation and creation of environmentally friendly gardens, our dynamic team of landscapers are committed to listening to your need and staying green always. So, if you want to make your exterior look gorgeous and spectacular, get in touch with the leading garden landscapers in Johannesburg today!