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Garden Landscaping

January 16, 2017

Eco-Friendly Garden Landscaping Ideas to Turn Your Garden into a Botanical Hideaway


If you have you been searching for a botanical hideaway that will be welcoming and inviting to both you and your guests, we can understand the appeal. South Africans love the outdoors, and not only do they love to spend their weekends outside braaiing and entertaining family and friends, but they love their flora as well. But considering that South Africa is a semi-arid region, it is not easy keeping a garden green and pristine. Everyone has their own idea about what they would like their dream garden to look like, and while it is really easy to know what you want, it may be a lot harder to implement it. Yes, garden landscaping is no easy feat, which is why we have rounded up some eco-friendly garden landscaping ideas guaranteed to turn your garden into your personal botanical hideaway.


In the midst of a national water shortage, many landscapers and homeowners are xeriscaping. With water now considered as a limited resource, xeriscaping is a method of gardening that refers to a set of principles that are both practical and environmentally friendly. By selecting the appropriate plants and efficient irrigation systems, xeriscaping allows for easy maintenance and water-wise design. Offering homeowners countless benefits, not only is xeriscaping a low maintenance alternative, but this method can save homeowners and businesses up to 70 percent in water usage through irrigation systems. What’s more, by using drought-resistant plants, shrubs, and trees that are native to your area, you will eliminate the need for fertilizers and pesticides. In addition to the above, xeriscaping can also increase property value.

Install a Green Outdoor Entertainment Area

While a green lawn is always pretty to look at it really doesn’t serve much purpose unless you own a golf course, especially in areas where water is scarce. If you want to utilise your garden well then it is time to ditch your lawn and install a green outdoor entertainment area. What is so fantastic about green outdoor entertainment areas is that the sky is the limit. By following eco or green design principles and by using recycled or locally sourced materials such as stone, rock, timber, or bamboo, you can create a space that is inspirational, productive, and maintenance free.  And there is no better garden landscaping idea than an outdoor entertainment area that can be used for dining, lounging, and just hanging out.

We Offer Full-Service Garden Landscaping Services Throughout Johannesburg

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