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Garden Landscaping Cost

November 22, 2016

Two Garden Landscaping Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces

Are you ready to dip your toes into the real estate market, or are you a homeowner looking to give your outdoor space a new personality at reasonable cost? It is no secret that South Africans love the outdoors. Yes, South Africans love to entertain, and in summer, many homeowners throughout South Africa are trying to get their outdoor space clean, green, functional, and ready for a season of fun and sun with family and friends.

If you have a small backyard that you have absolutely no idea what do with, there is no need to panic because a small garden can be just as beautiful, useful, and productive as a large one, with a bit of planning. Whether you are looking to test the real estate market or simply looking to facelift your small backyard, here are two garden landscaping design ideas guaranteed to turn your small garden into an outdoor sanctuary, without costing the earth:

#1 Grow Your Greens with Vertical Green Wall Gardening

If your property is in the middle of the city, then you are probably no stranger to the challenges of small living spaces. But just because your garden is small, it does not mean you have to  pave the lot and be done with it. Have you ever heard of vertical gardens and green walls? Extremely popular in urban landscape design, city dwellers throughout Johannesburg and South Africa are becoming inventive with the way they garden and vertical gardens and green walls are an excellent form of garden landscaping. A brilliant way to maximise space, not only can vertical green wall gardening look exquisite, but it’s also incredibly productive, especially if you want to grow your own organic greens. Easy and aesthetically attractive, simply secure planter boxes with hooks to your wall and start growing your own organics, herbs, and favourite ornamentals at eminently reasonable cost.

#2 Add Polish and Style with Round or Geometric Paving

Are you looking to add polish and style to your front or back outdoor space? While having a lawn is still quite popular, water is often scarce, which means it is perhaps time to swap your thirsty lawn for paving. Super trendy, cost-effective, sustainable, and ever so stylish, choose either round stepping stones, crushed rocks, or large geometric pavers. Few things are aesthetically pleasing than beautifully paved walkways that lead you through a landscape. In fact, if you are looking to put your house on the market, this is one feature guaranteed to grab attention and pique interest.

And there you have some excellent ideas to both add value to your property and turn your garden landscape into an outdoor living oasis that is functional and attractive. It is an art and science that is best left to the experts. Irrespective of what type of garden landscaping design you choose to add value to your property or beautify your small backyard, be sure to do it with EarthLinks Landscaping. We specialise in the transformation and creation of corporate, residential, and commercial garden landscaping, so allow our team to assist you in innovatively creating or re-establishing your garden landscape at reasonable cost before you put your house on the market. Contact us today for a proper evaluation and quote.