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Garden Landscaping Ideas

March 11, 2015

Garden Landscaping Ideas are Endless

Your garden sets the character for your home – it enhances your home, creates functional areas for family and friends and most importantly, it increases the value of your property. If you have never tackled landscaping before, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the incredible choices that it entails – adding abstract elements to the scenery, creating focal points, changing the flora and fauna and manipulating the landforms to a more functional and attractive manner. Garden landscaping ideas are endless and range from an array of styles – Tuscan, Japanese, Mediterranean and Zen, tropical, eco-friendly and contemporary minimalist. Landscaping is in fact, quite similar to the arts and is well known to many as ‘yard art’.  If you are just getting started on your big foray outside then these landscaping tips will prove incredibly handy.


Cost Your Ideas

Like any home improvement project, costs can vary once you get knee deep into the project, it’s important that you make a list of needs and wants, as well planned and thought out estimation provides a ballpark figure you can plan to budget on. Do you want to grow your own vegetables? Would you like to build a patio for family gatherings? Do your kids need a play space? Would you like a water feature? The more you know about your landscape project from the beginning, the more efficiently and cost effectively it will come together.


Plant Indigenous

Diversity in plants is the key when planning a landscape project. Your aim should be to create aesthetic appeal; make use of space by creating interesting areas by including water features and several kinds of plants. It helps to concentrate on planting greenery that is indigenous to the area for best results. Make use and benefit from companion planting as it tends to be more resistant to disease and insects. Incorporate numerous plants that bloom throughout different seasons so you have new flowers to look at throughout the year.


Create a Focal Point

Focal points serve to add purpose to garden landscaping as they are the component of your design and should be considered before starting any landscaping project. A popular technique used to generate the contrast of natural and non-natural elements are benches or bench swings; combined with other landscaping techniques, they create amazing viewing platforms in which to view your landscaping results. In addition to bench swings, other non-natural objects include garden features such pergolas, statues, water features and bird feeders. It’s important to remember that what surrounds your home is just as important as to what it is in it. A well-designed landscape should complement your home architecture and design, giving your home a story that can be read inside and out.

We at EarthLinks Landscaping specialise in the transformation and creation of environmentally friendly gardens; we are extremely passionate about landscape design, natural balance and the environment and plants. Our dynamic team of landscapers are committed to listening to your needs, being innovative and staying green. Allow us to assist you in creating, rebuilding or re-establishing your garden landscape.