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Garden Landscaping Johannesburg

March 11, 2015

Ideas for Edible Flower Garden Landscaping in Johannesburg

We have a passion for the creation of beautiful gardens, whether for residential homes, estates, corporate parks, shopping centres or schools. Understanding the importance of living sustainably in modern society where the focus shift is towards eco-friendly designs and organic living, we also offer clients edible flower garden landscaping in Johannesburg.

Most people think of Johannesburg as a concrete world, but the city is the largest urban forest in the world. With that in mind, consider the possibility of creating an aesthetically attractive garden that will attract birds, bees and butterflies while also getting the admiration of your neighbours. Flowers, especially edible flowers, can do the trick. But you need to know the secrets of successful and sustainable garden landscaping to ensure the long term beauty of your garden. This is where our expertise comes in handy.

We assess the space available, soil type, climate, and also budget restraints of the client. In addition, we consider the water economy of lay-outs, maintenance requirements, and seasonal planting needs. Because we believe that the design should reflect your goals, personality and lifestyle needs, we meet with you to discuss your particular requirements. Once done, we create a design proposal which includes a 2D drawing of the layout and planting and where relevant, a 3D virtual tour as well as full colour images. This helps you to form an idea of the end-result. Once you’re happy, we get to work and design a garden that meets your needs.


Why Edible Flowers?

Flowers don’t only have to be decorative, but you can use petals for teas, juices and syrups. Indeed, you can use edible flowers from your own garden to create natural perfumes, room fresheners and gifts. Use flowers in culinary master pieces and impress your friends.


Determine Your Style

Think about gardens that make you want to stay and write down their best features. When choosing flowers decide what you want such as an array of bright colours or do you prefer more subtle colours? Do you prefer repeating lines or want various shapes in the design? What’s your favourite flower and do you prefer unusual or large petals or smaller flowers? If you could choose between a wild garden and an orderly flower garden, which one would you prefer? Do you want flowers to be planted in pots, hanging from above or in specific patterns? We will show you many flower designs and help you select the landscape that suits your preferences and lifestyle requirements.


Types of Edible Flowers

From roses to daisies, borage, hibiscus, sunflowers, lemon balm and culinary lavender come to mind. Our designers have extensive knowledge on the flowers you can plant.


Themed or Patterned Ideas

You can group flowers to create stunning visual effects. If the plant is small you’ll need more in a grouping. If you want shapes, plant the larger plants in the middle with the smaller plants on the outer ring.  You can also go with a themed garden where you plant a cut flower edible garden or a specific colour. The only limit is your imagination. We’ll work with you to create the most desirable edible garden, which will be safe for your kids and animals. Ask a free quote or contact us to discuss your requirements today.