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Garden Revamp

October 25, 2016

Affordable Garden Revamp Ideas Guaranteed to Transform Your Outdoor Space


Just realised you may need a garden revamp? Has your garden been swallowed up by all those weeds you let run rogue over the winter? With summer here, many homeowners are slowly turning their attention to their outdoor space. A powerful space that says a lot about you and your family, your backyard can mean the difference between spending weekends at home entertaining friends, kids, and family, or having to go out and spend money elsewhere. As one of the greatest assets of your property, you really don’t want to be anywhere but in your own beautiful backyard this summer. Short of ideas? Here are a few affordable garden revamp ideas guaranteed to add colour, polish, and function.

Create an Entertainment Zone

garden revampEvery parent will agree that there is nothing more invigorating and rewarding than the sound of happy children having a ball in the backyard. An ideal space in which to entertain, braai, swim, run, and play catch with the dogs, why not make the most of your garden by creating an entertainment zone where you can spend hot summer days and evenings entertaining, braaing, and spending quality time with your loved ones. You will be surprised at how affordable it is to build a braai area with seating using cement, wood, and rock. And if your space allows it, you could even install a small, eco-friendly splash pool.

Add Polish, Style, and Dimension with Paving

Paving always get overlooked, which is surprising, considering it can play such a vital role in the overall appeal of an outdoor space. An excellent revamp idea that is both cost effective and sustainable can be found with paved zones and walkways. Using crushed rocks, cobblestone, large geometric pavers, or round stepping stones, and design a pathway from your back area leading out onto the entertainment zone. If, by chance, your garden is somewhat small, then remove your maintenance-intensive lawn and create a patterned paved zone with grass, lavender or herbs in between.

Install a Small Vegetable and Herb Garden

Speaking of herbs, organic edible gardens are very much the trend today. With a crippled economy offset by an incredible climate ideal for growing just about any fruit, herb, and vegetable under the sun, it makes good sense to grow your very own edibles and save money. A cost-effective investment that will have you eating healthily from summer right through to winter, not only will this easy and budget-friendly revamp bring colour, it will also bring life and scent into your garden.

Yes, summer has arrived and there is no better time than now to get your outdoor space functional, colourful, and thriving. Not only can a garden revamp turn any property into the perfect summer home, but it can also increase the value of a property by up to 20%. If you’d like to get your Johannesburg garden summer-ready, contact EarthLinks Landscaping. Providing expert garden revamp services to homes and businesses throughout the entire Pretoria and Johannesburg area – whatever garden revamp you’re after – we are the landscapers that can do it all and within budget.