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Garden Services in Johannesburg

December 17, 2015

Top Tips to Finding the Right Garden Services in Johannesburg

Frustrated with your garden; is it starting to resemble the sight of an overgrown jungle? Summer is finally here, which means that this is the perfect time to get your outdoor space clean, functional, productive and polished, so you can enjoy the sunshine with your friends and family. If you lack a keen eye for gardening and know very little about maintaining nature, then you will benefit greatly from a garden service. But with more than 50 garden services scattered throughout Johannesburg, how do you choose the right one? Landscaping is a serious job that should never be left to amateurs, so in order to find the best garden services for your needs – here’s what to look for.

Go by Website, Reputation and Portfolio

In this industry, reputation is everything, which means that you really need to do your homework. As a rule of thumb, never hire the first garden service that you find. Landscaping is a practice which requires knowledge, skill and experience. You want your landscape to be transformed into a masterpiece, but place it in the wrong hands, and you could have a disaster at your backdoor. A good starting point is a website, especially one with an online portfolio and a long contactable list of clients. If you want to know the truth about a business, simply ask those that have used its services and you will have your answer.

Make Sure They Specialise in Multiple Garden Services

Keep in mind that not all landscapers are the same – experts or not, there are many in Johannesburg that offer a diverse range of garden services at different rates. While some may only specialise in garden maintenance, others may specialise in garden design and architecture. In this industry, a good indication of whether or not you’re dealing with a professional is if they can offer it all – including weekly or monthly maintenance and after care, garden entertainment, barbeque and culinary installations, hedge cutting and specialised plant and tree pruning, herb, vegetable and edible gardens, lawn care, feeding and weed control, and last but not least, water irrigation systems and water features.

A beautifully maintained garden can be an absolute inspiration, get it right and it can deliver a wonderful first impression and an enhanced quality of life. By following the above, not only will you be ensured of hiring the right garden services in Johannesburg, but you’ll also have a beautiful and polished outdoor space throughout summer and every other season of the year.