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Garden Services Johannesburg

March 12, 2015

The Benefits of Garden Services in Johannesburg

When some people here the words “garden services Johannesburg”, they automatically assume that these services are only meant for the very elite living in those big Johannesburg mansions, where they have remote controlled gates that open up onto long driveways with massive water features at the end. Well, this is certainly not the case at all. In fact, garden services in Johannesburg are used widely by a mixed demographic with small, medium to large gardens.

If you own or rent any type of property in Johannesburg with a front or back garden, then you know just what hard work it can be to keep your outdoor space looking pristine and green. It’s not easy keeping a seasonal garden looking polished and neat month after month. In fact, gardening is labour intensive, high maintenance work, and the last thing most people want to do is spend their precious weekends working in their garden, only for it to look like a jungle again soon after.

There are ways, however, to keep your garden thriving without having to sacrifice your weekends off, and that’s by hiring professional garden services in Johannesburg to take care of it all for you! Welcome to EarthLinks Landscaping!

Since 2001, we at EarthLinks Landscaping have been busy designing, creating, building, transforming and maintaining gardens from small, medium to large throughout the Johannesburg area. Proud to be a landscaping company renowned for offering excellent and credible garden services in Johannesburg, we have an extensive portfolio that we welcome all our new clients to browse and even reference.

Boasting a professional and knowledgeable team of horticulturalists, tree surgeons, plant doctors, landscaping designers and architects who are highly trained and experienced in a variety of services and garden styles – we can assist you with any type of garden service you require.


What Do Our Garden Services Entail? 

When you hire our garden services in Johannesburg, you are hiring a landscaping company who are extremely passionate about the environment, landscape design, architecture, natural balance, and plants and trees. It doesn’t matter how big or small your space is, or what kind of upkeep and developments you would like, we can complete any type of garden service you require within your time frame and budget. Our turnkey garden services in Johannesburg range from the following:


If you own, manage or rent a residential home, business complex, hospital, factory or any commercial building in Johannesburg, and are looking for credible and affordable garden services in Johannesburg who are committed to listening to your needs and staying within your budget, then contact us at EarthLinks Landscaping today!