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Garden Water Features

March 11, 2015

Enrich Your Garden Space with Garden Water Features

Water features have become the hottest trends in the art of landscaping, in fact, some of the latest outdoor water features are like art installations for the garden, designed to draw the eye. Landscapers are turning high maintenance and boring stretches of lawn into beauty and perfection with the aid of water features. This is because there is nothing more tranquil and peaceful than the sound of running water, providing soothing sounds and picturesque views that assist you in relaxing and de-stressing your mind and body, especially useful in today’s busy world. For those that require health and wellness, a water feature can actually lower your blood pressure and improve your mental and physical well-being. While there are many benefits of a garden water feature, the main reason for having one installed is merely to enrich the space of your garden, back or front.


Types of Water Features

The term water feature encompasses a wide variety of features, ranging from a simple birdbath, a pond of water to an exotic waterfall; no landscaping project is complete without one as they create brilliant focal points. You can transform a simple looking home to a classier and more valuable one, by simply adding a garden water feature.

These are a few of the most popular water features that we at EarthLinks Landscaping can offer you:


Environmentally Friendly

Nature lovers simply can’t go wrong with garden water features as they transform your garden by adding dimension and attracting wildlife of all kinds, from birds, frogs and butterflies; by the use of a water feature you are assisting these little creatures to exist. You can also add aquatic plants, because there is nothing quite as appealing as the beauty of tropical lilies, the Lotus or the marsh marigold which are self-watering and enduring, uniquely complimenting any garden water feature. Enhance your water feature by adding the perfect pet; a fiercely bright fish will help assist the natural ecosystem and assist with pond maintenance.

An enhanced landscape and water feature is one of the best ways to improve your properties value which can transform your garden space by adding dimension and will allow your garden to stand out from the rest – no garden is complete without one. Contact us at EarthLinks Landscaping and allow us to increase the value of your property. We can transform your backyard into your very own sanctuary, creating the ideal atmosphere for a place to relax and entertain.