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How Much Does Garden Landscaping Cost

November 17, 2015

How Much Does Garden Landscaping Cost?

Looking to increase the value of your property or are you looking to transform your outdoor space into a summer oasis for the entire family to enjoy? Summer has arrived and there is no better time than now to get your garden colourful, functional and thriving. If you’re thinking about hiring a garden landscaper but are concerned about how much it’s going to cost, then keep reading to find out what garden landscaping involves and what you can expect to pay.

What Does Garden Landscaping Involve?

One of the most important elements in garden landscaping is always the budget. Yes, budget determines everything. Remember that garden landscaping is a time-based project, which is why it’s always important to specify the budget to keep the time and costs down. There are many homeowners who have a long list of expectations, but what they fail to realise is that garden landscaping is not just about mowing lawn and putting in a couple of pretty plants – garden landscaping is an art and a science of knowing how to innovatively create and construct a living, scenic and functional outdoor environment. It is a practice which requires in-depth knowledge, skill and years of experience, and it’s certainly not something that just anyone can do.

You Can’t Put a Price Tag on the Art of Landscaping

While it’s not easy to put a price tag on garden landscaping, the cost is an elective expense that greatly depends on your budget and what you’re looking to achieve. But if you’re looking for a rough estimate, for a new property with a fairly large barren landscape, you will need to reserve around 5-10% of the building costs for landscaping. While this may seem pretty steep, it’s important to understand that a beautiful, functional and thriving garden landscape can easily increase the value of a property by up to 20%, should you wish to sell in the near future.

On the other side of the coin, a beautifully designed garden renovation needn’t cost you the earth. Keeping in mind that your most expensive costs will come from the consultation, landscape architectural drawings, planting plans, design of the garden style and hard landscaping materials, as well as the time used to design, develop and install – you can easily have a beautiful, thriving and functional garden on just about any budget.

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