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In Need of Expert Landscaping Services

February 23, 2016

In Need of Expert Landscaping Services? Here’s Why You Should Use EarthLinks Landscaping

If you have a landscape that you are struggling to transform or even control, then you will know just what a tough job landscaping can be. While most people are under the impression that landscaping is all about growing some grass here and planting some trees there, they could not be more mistaken. An art and science that involves creating and constructing a living, scenic and functional outdoor environment – landscaping demands skill and expertise in building outdoor installations and an in-depth understanding about nature, plants, soil, organic material, water, permaculture and biodynamics. Last but not least, landscaping demands stamina and patience.

If you are toying with the idea of putting your house on the market or looking to transform your landscape into an outdoor space that is both functional and productive, then here’s why you should use our expert landscaping services.

We Offer Commercial, Residential and Corporate Expert Landscaping Services

In operation for 15 years, we offer full-service expert landscaping services that include conceptualising, blue print planning, designing, building, installing and maintaining landscapes for businesses, private homes and residential estates throughout the entire Johannesburg region. We also carry out full-service landscaping tenders to small, medium and large corporate and commercial development sites throughout Johannesburg. When you hire our landscaping services, you are hiring a team of landscaping experts that has years of experience working with large-scale industrial corporations and large commercial landscaping projects that range from shopping centres, office blocks, factories and restaurants, to hospitals and more.

We Offer Multiple Landscaping Services and Garden Styles

Setting the benchmark in the industry, we understand that landscapes start with a planned layout and garden design and style, and with our professional and knowledgeable team of horticulturalists, tree surgeons, plant doctors, landscaping designers and architects, we can offer you any garden layout, design and style you desire. Boasting a large and impressive portfolio, our garden styles include the following:


Whether your landscaping needs are to swop your lawn for a stylish Zen rock garden and a modern eco-friendly swimming pool, or to install a grandiose water feature with a four seasons garden – we are the expert landscapers who can do it for you! Contact us today to find out more about the excellent landscaping services that we provide.