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Irrigation Systems

March 11, 2015

Irrigation Systems for Water Wise Gardening

If you have little time for your garden but are committed to keeping your garden green, lush and polished, while at the same time keeping your water account low, then you will appreciate the various water irrigation systems available from EarthLinks Landscaping.

Irrigation systems are designed to assist you in keeping your garden and lawn looking immaculate, they are automatic and so easy to set up, designed to deliver a controlled flow of water to sustain the growth of your plants, trees, roses and vegetables. Needless to say, there are many types of irrigation systems on the market today, such as drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation systems and surface irrigation methods. It’s just a matter of finding the right irrigation system that will suit your needs.


Reduce Your Water Bill with Drip Irrigation

One of the main purposes of water irrigation these days is to cut down on the amount of water you use in the garden and a great method to achieve this is through drip irrigation which is used widely throughout South Africa. Drip irrigation is merely a planned irrigation system whereby water is applied directly to the root zone of the plants by means of porous tubing or perforated pipes, operated under low pressure with the use of applicators being placed above or under the surface of the ground.

There are two types of drip irrigation methods; one which is set up to your mains water supply, but depending on your water usage, this system can run up a hefty water bill. Otherwise, if you’re looking to cut those heavy water bills each month, you can opt for rainwater drip irrigation – instead of using your own water supply, simply set up a rain water tank and connect it to a pump. The pump disperses the water around your garden using the same drip irrigation technique. This method doesn’t cost a thing and it doesn’t use up all your resources.


Sprinkler Irrigation Systems are perfect for Smaller Gardens

Alternatively, you can opt for the sprinkler irrigation system which is best suited to smaller sized gardens. This method is just as effective in reducing your workload, especially for those that just don’t have the time to water after hours. This system of watering is applied by means of perforated pipes or nozzles applied under high pressure to form a spray pattern. It’s effective and easy to use – switch it on and walk away.

Irrigation systems have become increasingly popular over the years; installing a water irrigation system will mean the watering is consistently taken care of as well as offering you a way to reduce your water bill each month. For more information on high quality irrigation systems, chat to us at EarthLinks Landscaping today. We specialise in the transformation and creation of environmentally friendly gardens and will definitely be able to help you choose the right system for your garden.