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Johannesburg Landscaping Specialist

April 24, 2017

The Four Top Benefits of Using a Johannesburg Landscaping Specialist in Gauteng


Using a professional landscaper means that you will get a lot more than just an attractive garden. They can design a garden specifically suited to your environment, the climate, and your requirements, and this can mean long-term savings and easy maintenance. While a lot of people choose to design and take care of their own gardens, not everybody has the knowledge or time to do this well, and this is where a landscaping specialist can be invaluable. Here are some of the advantages of using a landscaping specialist if you live in Johannesburg:


  1. Increased property value: Great landscaping can improve the value of your home or office building. A great-looking garden with green, well-maintained lawns and manicured flower beds pleases the eye, and this means that the property is perceived in a better light. You only get one chance to make a first impression, and when a buyer arrives at your property, the exterior is the first thing they see. Create a favourable impression from the start.


  1. Cut costs: While many people in Gauteng see it as an extra expense to hire a Johannesburg landscaping specialist to do the design, layout, and management of their gardens, there can be massive savings over the long term. Strategically planted flora can help to decrease the cost of utility costs. A well-placed shrub or tree can cast shade over a hot room, saving money on climate control, and a garden that is designed to be water wise can save a lot of money on water bills. Planting suitable plants can reduce maintenance costs, and selecting the right types of plants for the garden will save money if you don’t have to replant on a seasonal basis.


  1. Protection of the landscape: A lot of homes in Gauteng are built on slopes, and soil erosion could be a problem, to the extent that it threatens the landscape around the building or even the building itself. A well-planned and executed planting strategy can help to avoid soil erosion and act as soil supports to ensure that the structures on the landscape remain intact.


  1. Environmentally friendly: Every garden is a microcosm set within a macrocosm, and a good landscaper will have a good understanding of the interactions between the different plants in these ecosystems. Clever planting can help to avoid pests, overgrowth by non-indigenous plants, and avoid allergies. It can draw insects or birdlife to the benefit of the plants (and residents) and help to reduce the dependence on scarce natural resources like water.


If you are looking for a garden that you can be proud of, contact our Johannesburg landscaping specialists at Earthlinks Landscaping for more information.