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Landscape Architecture Leads the Way

December 4, 2019

If you wanted to have your dream home designed and built from scratch or alternatively, you wanted your existing house redesigned and altered to a partially or completely new version of its old self, who would you engage, right from the start? Would you hire a draughtsman or –woman, or would you find an architect that is experienced in creative home design?

Designed by a Gardener or an Architect

Likewise, when you are toying with the idea of revamping your garden and outdoor spaces, or establishing a totally new green area, would you prefer to have a gardener, general landscaper, or another who is qualified in landscape architecture on-board?

While there is absolutely no doubt that many an experienced gardener or talented garden generalist may possess the wherewithal to create a super green space for you, your chances of getting the best, most innovative, bespoke results are far greater if you join forces with a person who specialises in landscape architecture.

Introducing Esli Kietzmann

We would like to introduce the founder and owner of our professional gardening concern, EarthLinks Landscaping. This expert designer, Esli Kietzmann, is a talented, qualified landscape architect, who completed her studies in this living and growing branch of professional architecture in 1998. Esli was so committed to her passion for her art and craft that it was almost inevitable that she would start her own full-service company, which she duly did in 2001.

Each landscape architecture project which Esli undertakes is treated as a one-off, custom design, suited to her client’s property, personality, style preference, lifestyle, and requirements or specifications. Budget is also taken into account, because she cares as much about her client’s satisfaction as she does about her craft and the plants with which she creates breathtaking gardens and green spaces.

No gardens or projects in and around the Johannesburg are too big or too small; Esli specialises in them all, albeit in each one individually. After getting to know her clients and understanding their wishes, Esli is ready to begin her creative design process and proposal.

She presents the design proposal, which includes a 2D concept drawing, planting palettes, and layouts, which make it easy for the client to visualise the completed picture, which Esli sees in her own talented, creative mind’s eye. Additional proposal material may be included in the presentation.

Unique Landscape Architectural Designs

Each EarthLinks Landscaping client is unique, as is each garden which Esli and her team create. All EarthLinks Landscaping’s unique clients deserve to have their custom-designed landscape architecture expectations met, if not exceeded. Contact Esli to employ her expertise on your behalf, as well as that of your property, its investment value, and your quality of life.