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Landscape Design

March 12, 2015

Landscape Design Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces

Stuck with a small outdoor space that you have no idea of what to do with? Landscaping is about artistically improving a piece of land by changing its form through the addition of structures, features and plants. But did you know that a small garden can be just as special as a larger one? With the right landscape design, your small outdoor space can be just as functional and appealing, which can in turn increase the value of your property by 14%!

Whether you are planning to do your own landscaping or hire a landscaping contractor to do it for you, you will want to look at an array of various landscape designs before you begin. Obviously, the possibilities are endless, but if you are on the fence about what you should do, then read our ideas below to transform your small outdoor space into a beautiful and functional escape.


A beautiful and functional landscape design can speak volumes about your home, and we, at EarthLinks Landscaping, can provide you with a wide range of affordable expert landscape design services to help you achieve a functional outdoor space that you can be proud of. Do not delay, call us today for an evaluation and quote.