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Landscape Design Gauteng

March 11, 2015

Edible and Herbal Front-Garden Landscape Design in Gauteng

One of the most rewarding experiences is to eat food produced from your own garden. Not everyone has space for a full vegetable garden, but even so, it’s possible to have an edible front garden that looks stunning, smells amazing and is a little paradise. With the help of our landscape garden design team, you can now create a visually attractive edible garden in Gauteng.

Edible gardens can include from herbs to fruits, nuts, vegetables and berries. Forget about rows for the front garden since you want to create a gorgeous and lush environment that’s inviting. Rows are for functionality and best left for the vegetable garden in the back.

With our landscape garden design assistance in Gauteng, many homeowners now have stunning walkways, water features, and exceptionally delicious gardens. We help you to create a coherent look and feel through functional plants that can be used for their medicinal properties, enjoyed for their nutritional value and adored for their beauty.

The first step is to determine your particular preferences, the area in which you live, water availability, climate and of course, also the available space and overall style you want to use.


Balance between Function & Form

Though one will certainly want to get as much food as you can from your garden, you need to create the perfect balance between the purpose of the plants and form of your garden. It must be pleasing to the eye and pure enjoyment to spend time in it. With that being said, you still want the garden to be as productive as possible.

We focus on the herbal garden design below, but can also incorporate vegetables, edible flowers, fruits, nuts and berries in the design. When determining the functionality aspects we for instance, assess the soil present as well as the possibility of crop rotation. As part of this process, we look at plants that will grow in the specific soil and will flourish in the climate zone.

Form plays an important role, not only regarding the aesthetic appeal and enjoyment of the garden, but also when it comes to how well the plants will flourish in the setting. We offer you our expertise in landscape design and experience in creating edible gardens in Gauteng to ensure that whatever lay-out and plants selected will enhance the overall garden experience.


Tips on Edibles

Remember that herbs love the sun. It’s thus important to balance the shade areas with open sun filled areas if you want to incorporate herbs in the front garden. Basil is an attractive culinary herb that can add flavour to many dishes. From light green to purple leaf varieties can grow well in the front garden. It’s an attractive plant and is certainly worth inclusion in the design also for their decorative characteristics.

Fennel is another winner for the front garden. It’s a perennial plant and can grow tall. The plant can be used to create a visual movement effect. Add artichoke to the picture and you’ll have a wonderful selection of culinary herbs which are also beautiful. The artichoke has beautiful purple flowers and equally attractive leaves. If you’re looking for an herb that can be planted with succulents or as the front-row herb in your garden design, then sage is what you are looking for. It has grey leaves and its flowers are pinkish, giving your garden a soft and inviting appearance.

Many more varieties can be planted and our horticulturist team will help you select the best choices. A garden can be more than a beautiful living space. It can also become your home remedy cabinet and a living pantry. Contact us for a free quote on designing a stunning herb garden anywhere in Gauteng.