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Landscape Designers

February 26, 2015

Landscape Designers at the Forefront of the Latest Garden Trends

Looking to inject some vitality into your garden, so that you can entertain and relax more? A beautiful outdoor space has been rated as one of the top features of a home. Not only does it provide a comfortable space to entertain, unwind and read a book, but it also offers an excellent way to increase the value of a property.

Whether it is cars or high fashion, people love keeping up with all of the latest trends, from outdoor Jacuzzis and Zen gardens, to rock pools with koi fish, at EarthLinks Landscaping we’ve seen many garden landscape trends come and go, so if you’re looking to find out what’s hot and what’s not in landscaping design right now, then keep reading to learn more.


Foodscaping with Vegetable, Herb and Ornamentals

One of the top garden design trends currently in high demand is beautiful and practical edible vegetable and herb gardens. Referred to as “foodscaping” by landscape designers everywhere, everyone is planting their own fruit, salad greens and fruit trees, but this time a little differently. Separating vegetables from flowers is so yesterday and one of the latest garden trends is planting edibles and ornamentals together. We’re talking about mixing tomato’s with basil, strawberries and roses; raspberries with asparagus, artichokes and spinach, and daisies with lettuce and chillies. Foodscaping not only offers homeowners a garden that is beautiful to look at, but you also get a delicious harvest of fruit and flowers every week throughout the season.


A Sustainable Landscape Design

One of the biggest buzzwords on everyone’s lips right now is sustainability. Everyone is talking about a sustainable lifestyle with solar power and a landscape design that is both low-maintenance and suited for entertainment and unwinding.  With our busy lifestyles paired with lack of water, electricity and food hikes, most landscape designers are setting up grey water solutions, water catchments and planting drought-tolerant native plants, such as aloes, cactus and other succulents. With an elegant and sustainable landscape design, you can achieve that sophisticated style that you have been dreaming of by using eco-friendly materials, water-wise solutions and drought-resistant plants.


Outdoor Kitchens, Fire Pits and Pergolas

As one of Gauteng’s leading landscape designers, we’ve seen a huge wave of interest in permanent outdoor kitchens, fire pits and pergolas. Once again, people have the need to be more self-sufficient and by installing an outside entertainment area equipped with a mini kitchen, fire pit and pergola, you create a quality functional space that can also be used throughout the winter months.

If you’d like to get your garden modernised and more functional, then you need to turn to the landscape designers at EarthLinks Landscaping in Johannesburg. Regardless of the design or style that you require, we can bring great value to your landscape!