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Landscape Johannesburg

March 12, 2015

Tips to Hiring a Landscape Contractor in Johannesburg

If you live in a large residential neighbourhood in Johannesburg with a large landscape that you just cannot seem to keep under control, then you will know just what a hard-hitting and gruelling job landscaping is. Considered as an art that combines nature and science, landscaping requires expertise, experience, creativity, insight and endurance.

Landscapes are dynamic, living and constantly changing biological systems that require constant specialised management and maintenance. A landscape is not something that you just design, create and simply forget about. To make your investment worthwhile and sustainable, your landscape needs constant consideration and maintenance to keep it alive, beautiful and polished.

Hiring a landscaper can be a disconcerting task. It can be difficult for homeowners to find an honest, reliable, skilful and, of course, affordable one! There are many landscape companies in Johannesburg and you are bound to find one that fits your vision, but before you rush out and hire just anyone, you need to be aware of a few considerations.


Knowing your objectives will give you a clear indication of exactly the type of landscaper that you need and will also allow you to find the right landscaping company in Johannesburg who shares your vision and ethics, and understands your workable budget.


Talk to friends and neighbours, or even visit nurseries for referrals. Whatever your objectives are, only deal with skilled and reputable professionals, rather than unknown and inexperienced landscaping companies. At the end of the day, an inexperienced landscaper can actually cause more damage and a greater financial loss than not getting anyone to do the job at all.

Choosing the right landscaping company in Johannesburg to do the job is essential for its success. Whether you are looking to get a pond, swimming pool, gazebo, entertainment area, beautifully manicured green lawn, paved or stone driveway, or a few indigenous fruit trees installed in your garden, it will prove to be more of a sensible and worthwhile investment to hire the services of a professional landscaping company, qualified to successfully carry out the project, such as EarthLinks Landscaping.

Designing, creating, building, and transforming and maintaining landscapes since 2001, we are a landscape company in Johannesburg with a professional and knowledgeable team of horticulturalists, tree surgeons, plant doctors, landscaping designers and architects, who are highly trained and experienced in a variety of services and garden styles, and can assist you with the design, execution and on-going maintenance of your residential or business garden in the most economical way to suit your budget.