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March 11, 2015

Landscape Design and Implementation Services in South Africa

EarthLinks Landscaping isn’t just any landscape company. Our passion for aesthetic appeal, tranquillity and nature can be seen in the designs we offer. The same passion for excellence is also present in our client relations. The team of designers and horticulturists work closely with the client to ensure that the client’s vision can be realised.

We understand that the homeowner’s garden is often their safe haven and for the lodge or guesthouse owner, the design can mean the difference between a welcoming atmosphere and a cold, but well-manicured garden. For companies, gardens are often used as part of their corporate image development and are just as important as the building architecture.


When we do landscape designs, we assess:


Meeting with the Client

The garden isn’t a generic concept and because each client’s requirements are unique, we meet with the client before we create any type of design. During this meeting we listen to suggestions and gain an understanding of preferences, the purpose of the garden, and the specific setting.


Design Proposal

After our initial meeting we draft a design proposal which includes suggestions, a 2D concept drawing, planting palettes and the various proposed layouts. Where relevant, the proposal also includes 3D sketches and colour images.

You thus get a virtual tour through the potential garden and don’t have to be concerned about unpleasant surprises. Our team helps you to bring the ideas imagined into reality by transferring them to paper.


Trendy Styles

Our consultants will provide you with ideas regarding the latest landscape design trends. As part of this process of understanding your requirements, we also provide you with garden style options. Some of garden styles in use today:


All our workers are well-trained in gardening and installations are done professionally.


Our Services

We understand that you may not have the time to attend to gardening and may appreciate our turnkey services even more. Lodge owners, hotels, corporate office parks, estate developers and resorts also benefit from the comprehensive service offering which includes:


Make your dream garden a reality. Get professional landscape assistance by contacting us for a free quote today.