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Landscaper Johannesburg

June 17, 2016

How to Boost Your Property Value with a Professional Landscaper in Johannesburg


Decided to put your property in Johannesburg on the market? Arguably one of the most exclusive business and residential addresses on the entire African continent, attracting both new and old money, Johannesburg has become home to an ever-increasing number of affluent local and international buyers. With property prices increasing, there has never been a better time to invest in your home and capitalise on its value. But we’re not talking about investing in your interior – we’re talking about investing in your landscape.

Believe it or not, your outdoor space is more valuable than you think. Not only can it increase the value of your property by up to 20%, but it can also add value to your family life. A win-win proposition, if you’re looking to clinch a deal, then here’s how a professional landscaper can help you boost your property’s value.

Increase Saleability with Drought Resistant Perennials

How you design your landscape is the first step in creating a beautiful and valuable landscape. But, while a polished, designer garden may be a huge selling point for some buyers, there are many buyers who don’t want to be a slave to it because of the extensive maintenance that it requires. If you’re looking for a cheap way in which to increase saleability, then make sure your lawn is polished and that you plant drought-resistant perennials. Besides being the secret to a sustainable all-year-round garden, perennials are natural native pollinators for bees, butterflies and birds, and they also multiply naturally on their own, making them incredibly valuable. Maintenance-free and independent, drought-resistant perennials are an excellent investment for any outdoor space.

Build an Outdoor Entertainment Area with a Swimming Pool

The way properties sell today is a lot different from the way they were sold years ago. The reality is that today’s buyers are looking for a lot more than just a stunning big house with walls and an alarm system. Yes, today’s, buyers want the entire package. Today’s buyers want a big home with big walls, security, a large modern kitchen and bathroom, and an outdoor space that is beautiful, functional and productive. Yes, South Africans value family time and there is no better way to spend time with the family than at home and in the garden, braaing and swimming with children and friends. In fact, ask any realtor in Johannesburg and they will all tell you that if you want to further boost the value of your property, then install an entertainment area with a swimming pool – buyers love this!

We Can Help You Increase the Value of Your Property

While there are many benefits to having a beautifully polished and functional outdoor space, it would not be possible without the expert assistance of a professional landscaper in Johannesburg. At EarthLinks Landscaping, we provide expert affordable landscaping services to homes and businesses throughout the Johannesburg and Pretoria area. Boasting an exceptional portfolio and a skilled team that can assist you with the design, execution and on-going maintenance of your landscape – don’t delay, call us today for an evaluation and quote.