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Landscapers in Johannesburg

March 11, 2015

Your First Choice of Landscapers in Johannesburg

We can all use a bit more creativity and knowledge when it comes to gardens, and it is usually recommended that you use a professional landscaper for the best results.  If you live in the Highveld or Gauteng, then using landscapers in Johannesburg will probably be your best bet as they have knowledge about the area and the plants suited to the particular climate in Johannesburg.

A garden is a place where we relax and withdraw from the hustle and bustle around us, and we inevitably desire a tranquil and beautiful space to escape to.  It is therefore important to have a garden that is functional in design and suitable to the surrounding environment and one that reflects and enhances the residence or building.

Everybody differs in their expectation of their garden, and sometimes it is required that a garden has a particular function, facilities or restrictions.  For instance, the garden in an old age home has to accommodate wheelchair access and be safe to walk in for the frail and elderly.  School gardens will require designated play areas and non-toxic plants without berries or fruit that can be ingested by children.

Landscapers are professionals who work with the design, layout and the mechanics of gardens every day.  They are experts on how layout, plants and space work together, and are knowledgeable about all the issues that may influence the look, maintenance and operation of a garden.  They provide great insight and knowledge about how plants and climate function together, and provide invaluable advice when it comes to new gardens or the redesign of older gardens.  They are able to envision how a garden will look over a period of time, and are good at predicting how a garden will look and function in a particular context.

When new buildings are erected in the Highveld, landscapers in Johannesburg are quite often used by architects and home owners to create functional and practical gardens around the variety of buildings they design and build.  Landscapers are also used widely by private individuals who want to design a garden that will fit into and enhance their lifestyles.  As with all other aspects of building a home, it is essential that the opinion of an expert is obtained before money is spent on the purchase of plants, the layout of a garden and labour costs.  It is vital that the planned garden functions well in the particular space, and that the maintenance requirements, climate and types of plants are carefully considered beforehand.

If you need advice about anything to do with your garden we should be your fist choice of landscapers in Johannesburg.  We have a range of services to suit all customers and budgets, and provide expert advice on gardens for everybody – from the most inexperienced novice to the veteran gardener.  We have a wide range of resources and contacts in the business, and we can help to turn your gardening experience into an absolute pleasure!  Contact us for a quote today – we look forward to being of assistance.