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May 27, 2015

The Top 3 Garden Styles From Leading Landscapers in Johannesburg

Want to make your residential or commercial outdoor space stand out and look polished and stylish? A prominent piece of your property, a beautiful and polished outdoor space has been rated as one of the top features of a property, and not only can it provide a comfortable space to unwind and entertain – your outdoor space can also increase the value of your property by up to 20%.

If you’re someone looking for a garden style that can add polish, functionality, style and sophistication to your property, then as one of the leading landscapers in Johannesburg, you will appreciate our top three garden styles.

1. Contemporary Minimalist – a favoured garden style among those who detest clutter, a minimalist gardenmay sound plain and boring, but when combined with a swimming pool, fire pit, deck or geometric dining and seating area, it can look elegant and tranquil. A garden style that requires minimal maintenance and upkeep, one of the greatest benefits of this garden style is that it earns its keep in winter.

2. Eco Friendly – as we’re heading towards a sustainable society, if you’re someone who cares about working with nature and not against it, then this garden style is perfect for you. Eco-friendly is all about saving water and energy, and using eco-friendly materials, fertilisers and drought-resistant plants, such as aloes and succulents. And it’s also all about planting your own vegetables, herbs and fruit trees.

3. English Country – the hallmark of a classic landscaped countryside scene, this romantic garden style is designed to mimic the traditional gardens of Tudor England. Elements range from curvaceous pathways, neatly shaped hedges and polished lawns, to flower beds with trees and shrubs, birdbaths and garden structures.

We Plan, Design, Develop and Install

Operating since 2001, at EarthLinks Landscaping, we are your expert landscapers in Johannesburg who are proud to be at the forefront of landscaping design. We recognise that each landscape is unique and are proud to offer corporate and commercial businesses, as well as residential homeowners, a wide variety of landscaping services that stretch far beyond planting flowers, pruning hedges, mowing lawns and removing weeds. At EarthLinks Landscaping, we plan, design, develop, install and maintain landscapes.

Committed, driven and passionate about nature, natural balance, plants, sustainability and the environment, we are the landscapers in Johannesburg who can design and install any garden style that you desire according to your needs and budget – from Arid, Balinese, Contemporary Minimalist, Eco Friendly, English Country, Four Seasons, Indigenous, Provencal and Tropical, to Tuscan and Zen. If you want to make your garden look polished, stylish and sophisticated, get in touch with us today.