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Landscaping and Lifestyle

April 1, 2019

Transform Your Lifestyle with Professional Landscaping

Not many people consider just how much their lifestyle will change (for the better) if they landscape their garden. If you feel that you spend far too much time indoors simply because your outside space is unattractive or uncomfortable, now is the time to make a change. Landscaping is an art form that has been transforming outside spaces and lifestyles for years. And this year, it could be the year to treat yourself to a beautiful outside revamp that creates a new social and relaxation space that will be appreciated by the whole family.

One of the first steps to landscaping your garden is to assess it, as well as the existing plants and décor items in it. A plan to transform the space can then be made. You can call in your local professional landscaper to come and view the garden space and provide you with helpful advice and guidance. You might want to take some “before” pictures, so that you will have something to compare the new space to when it is complete.

You might be tempted to go it alone and simply buy plants, stepping stones, and other décor items from the local garden centre and set things up yourself, but the end result might not be as you hoped for. A professional landscaper will be able to take note of the soil type, ensure indigenous plants are bought to minimise maintenance and watering requirements, and also ensure that the décor, garden furniture, and pathways are set up in the best possible way to complement the outside space and to create social and relaxation areas.

Hire Esli Kietzman at EarthLinks Landscaping for Your Landscaping Needs

Hiring a landscaping artist who is passionate about creating lush and naturally beautiful outside spaces is essential if you want to create the type of garden that you and your family love to come home to. It is not every day that someone can return to a garden that helps to dissolve workday stresses and provide a place to relax and unwind.

Esli Kietzman of EarthLinks Landscaping is a professional who is passionate about garden design and landscaping. She is the founder and owner of EarthLinks Landscaping, and you can expect her to have a hands-on approach to the creation of your garden. While she works tirelessly to bring your garden landscaping dreams to life, you can expect her to provide you with helpful advice and guidance, and have a sunny approach at all times.

To book Esli’s services, or to chat with her about your garden’s landscape, simply contact EarthLinks Landscaping via email or telephone today.