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Landscaping Companies Johannesburg

March 6, 2015

How Do Landscaping Companies in Johannesburg Work?

Many people see landscaping businesses as a small business with a few gardeners that go around moving people lawns, but it is in fact a lot more versatile and has more facets.  Landscaping companies in Johannesburg are in fact thriving businesses that may perform any combination of duties and tasks.

Landscapers do only keep residential gardens beautiful, but also can design, lie out and maintain commercial gardens for function value, such as schools and hospitals, and also fell trees and give advice on garden planning for any purpose.  Of course not all businesses charge the same, and some offer services that others do not, but you will not struggle to find a good landscaping company in Gauteng.



Various services and functions can be performed – from residential lawn maintenance to the design and layout of gardens, both for residential and commercial properties.  A landscaper can be hired to significantly increase the value of a property by styling and planning the garden before it goes on sale.

Landscape companies usually like to use their own expertly trained horticultural maintenance staff for their contracts, but it is possible to hire a landscaper just for ideas and styling as well, and then do the garden yourself.  No matter what the situation, it is well worth the money, as not everyone is a good gardener.



Companies vary in terms of their specialities and their daily tasks.  Speciality areas are usually dictated by the environment and commercial viability.  For instance, tree fellers with lifting equipment may make more money in windy climates, and other companies will do better with only commercial and functional gardening in a high-volume business district.  Others may have a large volume of residential clients and specialise in smaller but longer contracts.

Johannesburg landscapers tend to work with both residential and commercial clients, as Gauteng has large business hubs surrounded by vast residential spreads. There are also companies that deal with features such as topiaries, fountains and garden lighting.


Various sizes

Landscaping companies can vary from large consultancies that do everything from landscape architecture, design, layout, planning and landscaping, to a one man business.  Medium to large size companies tend to have more advanced equipment to carry out a variety of tasks efficiently, but if you need basic garden maintenance, then a small company will be just fine.


Benefits of employing a landscaping company

First of all you get great advice and ideas.  They can give you valuable information regarding the design, layout, types of plants for your garden.  Then you also get the expertise about how plants will grow, where they will flourish and how best to achieve your vision for your garden.  They will also know how to create functional gardens such as the combination of flowers and vegetable gardens, advise you on companion planting and other gardening issues.

In addition to the knowledge, you have to option to employ the company to not only design and plan the garden, but also to make everything happen!  They will landscape the area, identify and fix problem areas, ensure the soil is suitable, and will plant the plants for you.  After this you can also employ them to manage and maintain the garden,



It depends on the type of service rendered but you will often find that certain landscaping companies in Johannesburg are very reasonable.  Consider how much stress we can take out of gardening and contact us today!