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Landscaping Companies Operating in Houghton

November 22, 2016

Going Green? Choose Only Eco-Friendly Landscaping Companies Operating in Houghton


Looking for eco-friendly landscaping companies operating in Houghton that can transform your front yard and outdoor space into something beautiful, functional, and green? A beautiful country estate suburb in which to live and work, Houghton is not only one of the wealthiest suburbs of Johannesburg, but it is also home to some of the most expensive real estate in the country.

As a top-tier suburb boasting enormous properties that flaunt beautifully decorated landscapes filled with colourful annuals, perennials, trees, and rolling strips of green, polished lawn, everyone wants a piece of Houghton. But owing to the worst drought since 1992, it’s no secret that Gauteng is experiencing a water crisis. In fact, just about every part of Gauteng has fallen victim to strict water restrictions. With no drop to spare in dams and taps, many homeowners in Houghton are looking for ways to reduce their water and energy needs, and one place to start is with their landscape.

Eco-Friendly – The Buzzword on Everyone’s Lips

Conservation has become a critical priority and having witnessed a growing trend towards greener living, everyone is now talking about a sustainable lifestyle with a landscape design that is low-maintenance and kind to the environment. As a landscape design that’s all about saving energy and preserving water, the eco-friendly approach focusses on using natural materials, organic fertilisers, water-wise solutions, and drought-resistant plants. If you’re concerned about Gauteng’s water crisis and if you want to save the earth, you need to partner with an eco-friendly landscaping company who shares the same values as you do. But with so many landscaping companies operating in Houghton, both big and small, how does one distinguish the green from the standard?

#1 Evaluate their Method and Practice

With greener lifestyles becoming a major priority worldwide, South Africa is witnessing a movement towards eco-friendly landscapes. Not only can an eco-friendly landscape reduce your carbon footprint, but it also nurtures wildlife, reduces air and water pollution, and it improves the health of people and pets. If you really want to learn about a landscaping company, start by evaluating their methods and practices. Do they practice companion planting, earthworm farming, sustainable water catchment solutions, and green building, and do they believe in using only natural pesticides and fertilisers? Answering these ethical questions satisfactorily beforehand will guarantee that you hire the best landscaping company in Houghton to fit your sustainable and eco-friendly needs.

#2 Reputation, Skill, and Experience

While planning an eco-friendly landscape is no more difficult to do than a traditional landscape, it does involve a lot more than just selecting drought-resistant plants and conserving water. A dynamic, living, breathing and thriving biological system demands attention, expertise, creativity, and insight. Creating and maintaining the beauty of your Houghton landscape simply won’t be possible without the help of an expert landscaper. But not all landscapers are created equal. While some specialise only in plants, trees and landscape maintenance, there are those who specialise in a variety of eco-friendly landscape services and garden design styles that involve both hardscapes and softscapes. Do your homework and you will find the right one, like EarthLinks Landscaping.