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March 6, 2015

The Best of Landscaping Companies for Informal & Formal Lay-outs and Designs

EarthLinks Landscaping is one of the leading landscaping companies in Johannesburg and offers an extensive range of landscaping and gardening services in the province. Our prices are affordable and services tailored to client requirements.

Our client projects include from office block to retail park garden landscaping and design. Apart from designing and maintaining gardens for companies we also offer residential landscaping services. Architects, estate developers, Body Corporates of sectional title developments, schools, wedding venue owners, and homeowners make use of our services.

We offer various landscaping ideas and consider from drainage to climate, soil conditions, maintenance requirements, and the overall style required when we design garden lay-outs. The cottage garden is rather popular at present, especially with the current focus on self-sustaining gardening and as such we share a few tips on lay-out of the cottage garden below.


Formality Level & Safety

Inherently you cannot have a formal setting when going with the cottage style garden. It should include little pathways, comfortable seating, no strict lines and of course, also variety. You will need a path leading to the main entrance and tea garden venues benefit from the warm and welcoming ambience that the cottage style brings.

Instead of formal stones, go with pebbles, a lot of gravel or discoloured steps. Don’t mind a chip in a step or two since character building is what it is about. Use old sleeper wood to create a little outdoor veranda in a corner. It can become a hideaway for the homeowner or a private spot in a tea garden setup.

Although you will want a few imperfections for charm, you will still need to keep safety in mind. With that then ensure an even pathway and avoid the usage of anything sharp that can become a safety hazard for guests or restaurant patrons.


Cottage Means Less Lawn

No doubt, lush green lawn can be absolutely stunning in the right setting, but when it comes to creating a cottage feel you will want to either limit lawn to a particular area or want to do away with it altogether. It doesn’t mean that the garden will be without the green, just that the focal point will not be the lawn. You can always add a bit of fescue to ensure minimum maintenance, a bit of green and an informal setting.


Colour for Vibrancy

You will want to bring the feeling of vibrancy home and that can be done through the use of colour. You have the choice of a mix of bright and bold colours or can go with various soft colours and optimise the effect of shades from one or two colours. We recommend the usage of a colour wheel to ensure the best possible effect.

Some people prefer to repeat the indoor colours outside and then add more variety through the shapes and heights of the plants. Colour repetition is an excellent way to create a feeling of harmony and to create a tranquil space. The addition of bold colours can help to liven up the mood of the garden and its visitors.

With its informal character, the cottage style is also prone to the unexpected. You want to delight, charm and surprise. And with the cottage landscaping you can do so. Use a few filler plants such as Artemisia to add colour and softness.

Whether you are looking for landscaping companies to handle large corporate gardens or want someone to design and maintain the ideal tea garden or home cottage setting, give us a call today and let us help you make your dream garden a reality.