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Landscaping Company Craighall

January 16, 2017

A Landscaping Company in Craighall at the Forefront of Water-Wise Landscape Design


As a major city in a water-stressed country, it should come as no surprise to learn that Johannesburg is running out of water. With no drop to spare in local rivers, dams, and taps, many businesses and homeowners are looking for ways to manage their water usage – and one place to start is in their own backyards.

Yes, areas in Johannesburg such as Craighall, Sandton, Morningside, and Houghton are witnessing a movement towards environmentally favourable landscapes. With water-wise lifestyles becoming a major priority throughout Johannesburg, not only are businesses and homeowners looking for ways to reduce their water consumption, but landscaping is evolving and is seeing many landscaping companies working hard to design landscapes that suit the new reality of water shortages. If you’re looking to achieve a green, stylish, low-impact outdoor space, then hiring a water-wise landscaping company in Craighall is the way to go. Here’s how a water-wise landscaping company can help you garden for the future:


In business for over 15 years, we are a professional landscaping company at the forefront of sustainable, water-wise landscape design. Passionate about nature, landscape architecture, natural balance, plants, sustainability, and the environment, we can design, develop, build, install, maintain, or restore any outdoor space through sustainable practices within your budget. To view our portfolio or to get a quote, chat to us today.