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Landscaping Company Johannesburg

March 12, 2015

Beautify your Garden with a Professional Landscaping Company in Johannesburg

Your garden is just as important a part of your home as your house is. In fact, your garden has the potential to be an outdoor area that will have you and your family spending hours of fun together.  As you have probably realized by now, a functional and beautifully well-manicured and maintained landscape does not happen by itself overnight. It takes hard work, knowledge, skill, creativity and years of practice to achieve a well-planned and efficient landscape.

If you are a homeowner wanting to make your outdoor space stand out, look beautiful, be comfortable and provide a more useful space, then you need the assistance of a professional landscaping company, such as EarthLinks Landscaping. As an established and reputable landscaping company in Johannesburg, we firmly believe that having a flourishing, healthy, beautiful and useful garden to enjoy, entertain and indulge in fun outdoor activities with your kids, grandkids and friends, is one of the greatest gifts of owning your very own home.


About Us and Our Services

Planning, creating, developing, building, transforming, modernising and maintaining environmentally friendly gardens since 2001, we are a landscaping company in Johannesburg who are extremely proud to provide professional and affordable services to residential homes throughout the entire Gauteng region. With years of experience, testimonials and galleries of previous projects to back us up, we can provide you with an innovative, skilled and experienced team of horticulturalists and landscaping designers, who are not only committed to listening to your needs, but will also offer useful and practical advice, and most importantly will complete projects on time and within your specified budget.

Whether your property is big, small or in-between, we can turn your outdoor space into a liveable and useful space that you will be proud to entertain in. Our residential services range from the design and construction of courtyards, roofs, balconies, outdoor garden entertainment and barbeque areas, decking and patios, to irrigation design, layout and water features, as well as vegetable and herb gardens.

Our services do not stop there, we also offer after-care (weekly, bi-monthly or annual) maintenance, such as trimming, mowing, watering, weeding, pest and disease control. If it is a particular style of garden you are looking to get installed, you will be happy to know that we can install whatever style that you require, from Japanese and Zen, to sustainable and contemporary – whatever you can imagine, we can create from start to finish. Contact the top landscaping company in Johannesburg today, to chat about your vision or browse our extensive online portfolio for some ideas.