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Landscaping Craighall

June 8, 2016

An Eco-Friendly Landscaping Company in Craighall That Can Help You Go Green

Looking for a landscaping company in Craighall that can transform your outdoor space into something beautiful and functional, but at the same time also help you go green? With greener living lifestyles becoming a major priority worldwide – South Africa is fast witnessing a greener movement towards eco-friendly landscapes. Not only can an eco-friendly landscape reduce your carbon footprint, but it can also better your health and save you plenty of money. If you’re looking to achieve a stylish, low-impact, eco-friendly outdoor space, then hiring an eco-friendly landscaping company in Craighall is the way to go. Here’s how an eco-friendly landscaping company can help you go green.

They Place Great Value in Coniferous and Deciduous Trees

The buzzword on everyone’s lips – eco-friendly goes far beyond using LED lights, boycotting products that are tested on animals, eating locally grown produce, and separating garbage for recycling. If you really want to make a difference, start with trees. Trees do so much more than just make paper and provide shelter and furniture – they keep us alive. Providing oxygen, absorbing excess water that runs off a property, gifting fruit, reducing carbon dioxide, providing shelter for wildlife, preventing soil erosion and protecting against pollutants from entering waterways, trees also add beauty and improve personal health. Eco-friendly landscaping companies know this and they also know that deciduous trees can cool a home in summer and warm a home in winter, and that coniferous trees can be used to block winds, helping you to reduce your heating and cooling costs.

They Can Help You Set Up a Sustainable Water System

It’s no secret that Johannesburg is currently in the midst of a serious water crisis and in order to preserve this valuable resource it’s important to conserve as much as possible. Instead of using municipal water, an eco-friendly landscaping company will either set up a rain water catchment tank or they will install built-in sprinklers or drip irrigation. In addition to helping you conserve water which will reduce your water bill each month, they will also plant drought-resistant perennials using a method called Xeriscaping.

They Don’t Use Harmful Chemicals and Fertilizers

While every garden attracts healthy pests, they also attract unhealthy pests and weeds. But that doesn’t mean you have to spray carcinogenic poison all over your landscape. What many people don’t realise is that these deadly chemicals do more harm than good. Not only do they destroy your weeds and pests, they also wipe out your entire eco-system.  An eco-friendly landscaping company will never use harmful chemicals and fertilisers but only biodegradable products that are natural and healthy to the environment and eco-system.

We Believe the Future is Green

Allowing for the natural order of things to dictate design, construction and maintenance, we are an eco-friendly landscaping company in Craighall that love what we do and are committed, driven and passionate about nature, natural balance, plants and the environment. Environmentally-conscious in all we do, we firmly believe in using only locally available materials, bio-degradable pesticides and site appropriate plants, all while following the principals of energy-efficient sustainable landscape design.

Going green isn’t as tough as you think. All it takes is a little inspiration and determination to make a really big difference. Go ahead and do your part and contact us today.