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Landscaping Done By Professionals

March 30, 2020

Why It Is Best to Leave Landscaping to the Professionals in Johannesburg

If you were not so fortunate to be born with green fingers and you cannot really tell the difference between a fern and a ficus, then maybe it’s time to call in the professionals. This way you can still get the garden of your dreams, without really needing to know much about landscaping in the first place.

Instead of spending hours trying to learn more about which plants grow better in the Johannesburg area, which plants are indigenous or invasive, which plants go well together, and what the best way is to design your garden, why not just hire the real professionals like Esli Kietzmann at EarthLinks Landscaping?

Esli draws inspiration from both international and local landscaping trends. She obtained her qualification as a Landscape Architect in 1998 and launched EarthLinks Landscaping in 2001. Ever since then, she has been giving homeowners and businesses their own pieces of paradise.

Our team of professionals here at EarthLinks Landscaping will do all the work for you, which will save you time. You will certainly get a better result in the end and you will get to enjoy your own paradise before you even know it. Trying to make the perfect garden yourself can take weeks or even months. You will spend hours in the garden instead of doing things you really love to do. If you leave your garden in our people’s hands, people who are passionate about the art, you will be left with a work of beautifully landscaped art.

Based on your available garden space and creative vision, we can give you various garden features, such as:

Perhaps you have a very particular style in mind when it comes to the way you want your garden to look in the end. Some garden-style examples that we offer include:

You want to choose a style that suits you and your personal style, or if it is for your company’s garden, it needs to suit your company and make a powerful impression on people who visit your establishment.

Instead of going online to look at pictures, trying to recreate the look yourself and ending up with a result that looks like a ten-year-old tried to take on landscaping, why not contact the professionals and give EarthLinks Landscaping a call? You will save a lot of time by letting the professionals take care of the design, plant and garden feature sourcing, and installation for you and avoid wasting time by doing it yourself first.