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Landscaping Ideas

March 11, 2015

Water Wise Gardening & Landscaping Ideas

If you want to save on water usage you will appreciate our water wise garden design and landscaping ideas and tips below.


Choose Drought Resistant Plants

The first step is to consider the types of plants that can withstand harsh summer conditions without needing a lot of water. When you thus browse for landscaping ideas, you need to focus on succulents and plants that can grow in less desirable conditions. Make your way to a nursery and ask for assistance in finding plants that will be economical in water usage. Also consider the size of your garden as the seedlings and smaller plants will grow taller and take up more space with time. You need to thus also calculate the required space, root systems, aesthetic value, and overall theme of the garden when considering landscaping ideas.


Group Plants According to Water Usage

If you don’t want to waste water in the process of irrigation on plants that can go without water for longer periods you need to group the plants according to their water usage as well. Fortunately we can make the process easier by doing the design, lay-out and plant choices for you or in partnership with you.


Less Lawn Means Water Savings

Corporate gardens often feature lush meadows, and albeit beautiful if well-kept, the stretched out lawn spaces need a lot of watering. When it comes to large corporate gardens such water savings can also mean less money spent on maintenance. Lawn requires regular cutting and caring for. With more stepping stones, various pathways, resting spots, gravel, flower pots, and effective shade usage, you will be able to shrink the lawn space considerably. This of course, is also beneficial for the homeowner or sectional title estate developer.

Although a piece of lawn is always welcome for relaxation, ball play, and entertainment, more often than not, gardens featuring more of the above mentioned elements and less lawn are often also more interesting and tranquil havens.


Nature is the Source of Water

By making use of the benefits of rain water you can reduce the costs of watering your garden. Learn how to harvest rainwater for your garden and to trap the water for longer periods and thus also do your bit for the environment. Grow organic with organic compost as compost rich soil will help to reduce the infiltration of water hungry and rather nasty weeds. Store the grass and leave cuttings as well as egg shells and other fresh produce peels and work such into the compost. This will help to give the much needed nutrients without having to apply more watering.


Replace Concrete Pathways and Patios

Although a considerable investment when attempting to do away with any weed growth, concrete doesn’t allow for rainwater infiltration. This means you have to water more. As such, where you can, replace the solid pathways and patio areas with permeable materials allowing for rainwater drainage to soil. Now you can plant moss or other types of ground covering amongst the steps and thus optimise water usage.

Why not simply get the experts of EarthLinks Landscaping to share more water wise landscaping ideas with you? Get in contact with our consultants for professional landscape design and implementation assistance that will save you money in the long run and help to ensure a low maintenance garden.