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Landscaping Kyalami

June 17, 2016

3 Landscaping Ideas That Can Get Your Kyalami Outdoor Space Spring-Ready


Just bought a property in Kyalami with an enormous landscape and wondering how you can transform it into something that is both functional and productive? Short of ideas? As one of the leading landscaping companies in Johannesburg, we’ve got some really awesome ideas that can get your Kyalami outdoor space spring-ready.

#1 Mulching and Composting

Just as humans benefit from good nutrition, so do plants, which is why before you do anything to your outdoor space, mulch and fertilise with compost. Mandatory winter garden practices, mulching and composting beds and trees will add nutrition, conserve moisture, slow down weed growth, moderate soil-temperature and protect plant roots from frost. Keeping in mind that it’s important to compost before mulching, once you’ve turned and aerated the soil around your plants and trees, turn a thick layer of compost into it. Directly after, apply a thick dressing of grass clippings, wood or bark chips, decaying leaves, peat moss, straw or pebbles, and let nature do the rest.

#2 Plant Perennials and Trees

Every professional landscaper appreciates the value of trees and perennials. While trees are celebrated for providing shade, gifting fruit, reducing carbon dioxide, providing shelter to birds, preventing soil erosion, and cooling a home in summer and warming it in winter – perennials are plants that return year after year, which is why they are so valuable. Now that you know you need to get trees and perennials into your landscape, did you know that winter is the best time to plant them both? Not only is winter the best season to find some of the most spectacular perennials and trees, but winter and spring are also the best seasons for vegetation to establish their root systems.

#3 Create an Outdoor Structure

While plants and trees are certainly necessary elements in every landscape, when it comes to creating and enhancing spaces, outdoor structures are king. Considered as prime “real estate”, landscapes are more than just green lawns, trees and pretty ornamentals, it is your therapy in the evenings and your hobby on the weekends, which is why you should create something that is inspirational, productive, spatial and maintenance free. There is no better landscaping idea than installing an outdoor structure such as a deck, braai area, outdoor kitchen or water feature.

As one of the top landscaping companies in Johannesburg at the forefront of landscape design, we’ll help you to perfect your Kyalami landscape. Contact us today for a chat, evaluation and quote.